My problems with Building (Feedback)

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Building is by far the most fun thing for me to do in the game. The Building itself is great, I don't have any problems with it atm. The main problems are outside of the building but are connected deeply with it.

1) The cost of new outposts (land) - It's just simply too expensive. It might not be as bad if you didn't need the same currency to spend on upgrading and buying new traps, guards, etc. Building, unlike Raiding, it's free and takes a while to buy a new land. This, again, might not be too bad if you didn't NEED to constantly (almost daily) buy new land.

2) Spending lot of time desning a level is pointless - it will be gone within 2 days after you finish it anyway. There is resource that is decreasing over the time. Simply trying to create some very unique outposts is waste of time since they will be unusable within ~2 days. It's better just quickly make a "ugly" rushed, but deadly outpost rather than trying to create something unique.

3) You can't reset / re-use your bought outposts. If you want to create a new outpost from existing level that allready got played by some players or you simply don't want to grind for new outpost, you can delete all the items and start again but it's not worth it. You can't reset stats or the resources for it and players who allready played it will not see it (I assume this one). So everything is one and done.

4) Being a main builder & at the same time buying new upgrades is impossible unless you play A LOT and raid a lot. It's very anti-casual, unfriendly if you like primarly just build.

Long story short: Being a Building feels like a job. You have to keep paying and grinding to build something, creating a unique outposts is pointless since they will be gone soon anyway and you have to consistently creating new maps almost daily (because old ones will be gone soon), reseting allready put online outpost is pointless (unless you do it very early).

Thanks for reading!


  • clownkrieger
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    Ad 2) You can "refill" depleted outposts by leveling their prestige (in the build mode, press escape, at the top is a tab for it - dont ask me why this is that hidden). It costs a bit, but usually way less than you spend for the plot (especially for big plots, cost raises over time though).

    I see the problem in #3 as well though, if an outpost is played its gone from the pool for that player unless there is some mechanic we dont know.

    I have to say that the amount of money i get seems to be fine though (maining builder as well and have like 8 plots already, i can play a lot though). If you have successful outposts they net quite good (i have a pretty deadly prestige 3 outpost by now and it still gets played quite often, that will change for sure though). But keep in mind that you are not meant to unlock all traps/guards/whatnot in the first week...

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Aha, thanks for info. It's good you can increase their duration, but if it costs more and more it might still be a problem later on if it costs as / more than a new plot. Still the value decreases overtime since the more players played it the less new players will come to play it (unless we have big playerbase).

  • Destructios
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    You can see the same outpost if it has been updated. I've played an outpost twice before, but the second time the last bit was different. It even preserves your ratings from last time. This should also mean when you prestige your base to refresh it's resources, ideally you would update it to use the increased capacity and players would be able to see it again.