Reviving Ally Too Strong?

ReticulateLemur Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 5

Is being able to revive your ally too strong? What's to keep a duo from sending one person on ahead to trigger each trap and just reviving them when needed?


  • Nukin
    Nukin Member Posts: 2

    Yeah it's strong but I think it's fine since duos almost always play less cautiously... Meaning more kills and more materials for the builder

  • stromther
    stromther Alpha Surveyor Posts: 4

    I've got the same sentiment. Some outposts are also excruciatingly long, & dying late in them or on the way out can even be a deterrent to wanting to complete them solo, leading to less overall kills than two risk-taking hooligans getting caught by every other trap along the path.

  • MetalCrow
    MetalCrow Member Posts: 4

    It's really only strong for the raiders themselves, for the person who made the base it's functionally no different then a single player dying on their own. So it's kinda like an easy mode that only affects the people raiding, which is clever.

  • 2lagged2frag
    2lagged2frag Member Posts: 8

    "for the person who made the base it's functionally no different then a single player dying on their own"

    Definitely not true when using Overdrive. A huge disadvantage to the builder.

  • noggieB
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    Good points all round. Duos do play less cautiously, resulting in more kills. But they also don't restart the raid as often as solos do, resulting in fewer kills. I guess BHVR should have the stats on which effect dominates.

    If the devs did want to nerf duos, something like limiting to 3 revives per run might do it.

    That would be enough to let duos run free at the start, but if they die a few times, they will suddenly need to be more cautious!

    Another option could be to make revives a piece of hardware that needs to be purchased. But then why not have a self-res for solos?

    I guess making duos easier encourages people to invite friends, which grows the player base, and is good for everyone.

  • Tom90FV
    Tom90FV Member Posts: 9

    "Another option could be to make revives a piece of hardware that needs to be purchased. But then why not have a self-res for solos?"

    There is currently an item to revive you as solo player (has only 1 use per raid), if im not wrong if you place it before collecting the core it will be destroyed when collecting the core so just place it after collecting the core to be able to revive if you die by 2nd wave traps.

    And yeah i think duos should have a limited time for reviving, or as you guys mentioned a hardware item like solo players have.

  • insonotic
    insonotic Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

    I agree with this there should be at lest a max amount of revives per reset thinking round 3-5 maybe difficulty based,

    but also that when in duo (or more if that becomes a thing) all raiders need to grab the genmat to trigger phase two traps but if only one grabs they are locked/suck at the gen mat until all raiders have grabbed it and then raiders can attempt escape and while the raider that grabbed the genmat first will be safe and intangible to everything if the other raider dies it triggers a restart

  • chezpizza
    chezpizza Member Posts: 120

    Limited number of revives isn't too terrible for duo, better than giving traps a free retrigger because it's 2 players.

  • MiniWall
    MiniWall Member Posts: 10
    edited February 2023

    On one hand duo usually give lot of death, but on the other hand they can steal your genmat more easily so it counter overdrive quit a bit.

  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    I didnt see a lot of duos abusing a "send one ahead to trigger strategy", also its somewhat easily countered with some strategic placed guards or multi-use-traps (the one that runs ahead usually doesnt engage with them).

    While its true that solos usually net a lot of kills, i read somewhere (steam forum i think) that as builder you only get resource-drops if both of them die though, and that is something that might be a bit problematic.

  • Stryx
    Stryx Member Posts: 9

    I didn't play one single time co-op yet, however , limiting the amount of deaths would make people that requires more attempt and play together to be frustrated, as overdrive it would be as simple as if they die, it doesn't affect the overdrive(unless they use their own phoenix pod). another would be to allow each one of them 1 death, or 2 in total, or maybe just it doesn't affect no matter who dies, does up to them to choose the good balance

  • Rookie1978
    Rookie1978 Member Posts: 75

    I wouldn't mind them changing it but it also doesn't bother me that much. It's just going to become a part of the game knowing co-op gives more benefits than solo with little to no compensation for not playing co-op. SWF situation.

  • Ghorhammer
    Ghorhammer Member Posts: 9

    I'll admit it bothers me a tad that running doubles on a raid is basically an automatic win, but, generally I get 12 to 15 kills per run when they do this the long run, I think its better for the builder. You get a ton of kills for prestige, and plenty of bonus mats.

  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    I think it's fine as it is.

    It only really affects OverDrive cores builders, which could easily be fixed by just preventing Overdrive Coop Raids.

    Having your teammate wait 28 minutes for you to raid an outpost because he died to a silly bolt trap at the beginning sounds extremely tedious.

    Some outpost are infinitely more fun as a duo recklessly running and reviving each other, in a situation where otherwise I would simply sit carefully at the door for 5 minutes shooting every single traps and not die.

    More death counter for you builders.

  • Mellcor
    Mellcor Alpha Surveyor Posts: 40

    dont use overdrive.... its never been worth it and its still not worth it to this day.