The information i have gathered about traps so far


  • Pankaces
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    Extra images and information about what i haven't covered so far are very welcomed!

  • Ggjustice
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    Nice! Boltshot speed of arrows?

  • Pankaces
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    i will cover that another day when i wake up too early and got nothing to do again

  • noggieB
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    According to the announcement in the official Discord...

    > Trap Range Preview This new feature allows Builders to toggle on a preview of the range of the traps placed. Being able to clearly visualize the range of effects while building helps Builders to position traps perfectly in conjunction with each other to put the pressure on unsuspecting Raiders.

    I haven't noticed this feature yet. Will look for it next time.

  • Hodderfodder
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    Very useful. Thanks!

    Boy I wanna see one of these for the various upgrades. But I know that takes y'know, resources and time.

  • Rookie1978
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    Had no idea bomb trap detection radius was so high; also, the range upgrade only gives it one more block of detection? That seems like a waste.