various ways to reduce player friction ingame

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by player friction, i mean small things that make the gaming experience less smooth and cause players minor inconvenience, just a few things that i think need to be addressed.

Activation/social raiding

starting off, you need to be able to change and set the status of your outposts from the sanctuary, having to go into build mode (thats 1 load screen) and then set it to whatever status, and then back to sanctuary (thats 2 load screens) is a hassle and really annoying.

following on from this, being able to set your outpost to searchable via social raids should be a toggle and works parallel to the main setting of active/overdrive/inactive. if the only reason for not allowing this is due to "people can practice before they do a raid" just make it so you cant socially raid something in your current map pool selection.

Chimera interface

one of the main complaints during alpha was how often you were prompted to pull the lever, changing the lever to a button dose no mean you have fixed this issue, some argue you have made it worse cos the button is less satisfying or grand as a lever with test tubes around it. make it so its the lever again and have advisors auto process as they level up, then ones u have processed enough advisors as to fill up the tubes that pop up around the lever, then get the prompt to pull the lever.

change the chimeras voice back, new one sucks and dose not suit it at all, as to not have to redo all the voice lines, just mess with the audio levels and distortion, currently the voice is too human and there is too much emotion in it. almost everyone agrees that it was better when it was more robotic and cold sounding as if it was brutally logical and it would do whatever was needed to achieve its goal

Building & replays

when building, specifically when you go into a build after it was raided, there needs to be an option to collect all resources on the map, some maps are huge and its painfull to have to go through an entire map picking up tiny cubes, but other maps they are all neatly in a pile and it can be satisfying to pick them up. your total resources should also be displayed and updated while doing either of these things. as there have been cases of not having enough resources to presteige a base, going into the base and picking up enough, but then you have to leave the base to update your total resources and then go back into the base to prestige (3 loading screens)

there needs to be a setting or toggle to hide the 'key guide' when building, i don't need half my screen space taken up by a guides on what keys do what when i already know what they are, ideally it would be a setting you can untick in the settings, maybe a lil note at bottom of the keyguide saying "you can disable this window in settings"

you still need to be able to select a part of the replay to skip to, you added fast foward ect but everyone asked to be able to track to a certain point. some replays are up to an hour long and even with skipping and fast-forward, most people just want to see howthe person actully beat their base, not the 20 deaths beforehand.

Key binding inconsistencies

there are lots of different key binds for lots of different actions, too many in fact, you do not need separate key binds for "mod trap", "set guard path", "compete guard path", "auto complete patrol", "center on raider" and "interact" ?!?!?!? they are all just interact. what's worse is that you do not allow the same key to be assigned to multiple functions despite it being that way by default. these redundant options need to be removed and you need to allow players to assign multiple functions to the same key, just have a popup saying "this key is already assigned to this action.


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    Agree with all of these. I used to love pulling that lever, so please bring it back somehow. Just don't make it too often.

    If it's difficult to code seeking in the demos, a simple way to mitigate it might be 4x, 8x and 16x replay speeds. This would let viewers do the seeking themselves.

    I think a player should be prevented from raiding a base after doing a social raid on it. Raiding should always be on unknown bases. (So yes, the game should keep a record of all the bases a player has raided.)

    With that in mind, I would also like the ability to "social raid" any live outpost, even if it's Active or Overdrive. So my friend can raid my outposts, even if they are live. And if I love Y0ghurt's outposts, then I could look up his profile and play more of them, just for fun. (Of course, this would prevent them from appearing in the pool selection in future. We would simply warn the player of that, and leave the choice to them.)

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    Agree with all of those. Please bring that lever back. It felt so visceral, I loved pulling it. Just don't make it too often.

    The current voice definitely needs more effects added, to make it more powerful. It would be great to have the choice, when starting the game, of which chimera to work for, male or female.

    Changing an outpost's status from the sanctuary (and maybe even collecting resources too), would really save on loading screens.

    I think after doing a social raid on an outpost, that outpost should never appear in your map pool selection. All raids should be blind (the player should not have seen the outpost before). This would of course mean remembering which outposts a player has raided in the past, so they won't be offered on the map selection pool.


    Why do we want to raid active outposts? Explanation: So my friend could try out my outpost, even if it's currently active, to give feedback, or just to share. And if I like the style of Y0ghurt's outposts, I could look up his profile, to play more of them, just for fun.

    I like the idea of a toggle for social, independent from the current status. But I also think it would be great if we could just "socially raid" any active outpost. (The only reason I can think a builder wouldn't want that, is if their maps are so popular in social raids, that they end up losing kills from normal raids.)

    Unfortunately, with or without a toggle, raiding active bases could be abused: Before I raid an outpost, an abuser could ask his friend to play it as a social raid, in order to learn where the traps are.

    Fortunately, there is a way to mitigate this: Have the outposts in the selection screen refresh every 60 seconds. Then any abuser who does send their friend to socially explore the outpost, will not have enough time to gather intel.

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    the game already has some form of remembering what outposts uve done cos u already cant repeat bases, and if u repeat a champion base cos ur friend hosted the game and then u get it again in solo, the tombs will be empty cos u already raided them

    as for practice raiding bases, there really isnt any benefit to it due to time wasted, u could practice the same base over till u get it and then do the real base, or u could just do the real base

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    Good points.

    I have another request for building:

    Description of the problem: Sometimes I remove a block (e.g. to make space for a trap, or to fly between rooms) then realise it was important, so I have to undo it. But when I do this, the block loses all its decals and decorations. The undo is not a full restore. (And the same is true when removing a block with traps, or when removing a trap: the undo doesn't restore everything back to how it was.)


    1. When you try to remove a block which has decals or decorations on it, it could force you to long-press to remove it (like how removing a modded trap works currently), AND/OR
    2. Undo should restore the block with the attachment, decals and traps how they were before.
    3. Additionally, undo of a trap removal should restore the trap with all its mods.

    Another, related feature request:

    • When you middle-click to copy a block, trap or guard, it should keep the block's orientation, and traps or guards should keep any mods which were applied to them. This would make it easier to move a defense from one location to another.

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    not being able to mange bases from the terminal and forcing people though 2 loading screens to change a base status is still just as much of a headache.

    also let us clear notifications and have an option to collect all drops from a base. its super annoying to have +300 kills as a notification you can clear and picking up resources is fine if its in easy to get locations but people dont want to have to walk thier entire map picking up crumbs to get rid of a notification. having to do this goes agaist your reasoning for people not needing to beat their own base as it would be time consuming for no real gain.