Place Second Wave Traps Behind Deco?

Lumin Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

I noticed during the beta that there was a tradeoff to be made between deco and functionality, as you cannot place traps where there are any deco pieces. This makes sense as you wouldn't want any traps to be hidden completely out of sight, however it does provide important info to raiders in that where a decoration is there cannot be a 2nd wave trap. My idea was that if a trap is modded with 2nd wave, you should be able to place deco that fades away once the GenMat is collected. It would reduce the need to choose between form and function, and create more interesting play post-theft.


  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    If they do that, it would have to add longer delay to trap activation upon triggering 2nd wave (for traps placed together with deco).

    I build pretty minimalistic outposts, focussing more on structure/architecture than decorations, just used some lights here and there to accentuate something or point the way. And it was... weird to see really all raiders expecting trap spam at the genemat once they picked it up in the replays. Seems to be a pretty common practice, and i think its pretty cheap (also super avoidable if you dont spam/maze the genemat like crazy probably).

  • Brainware
    Brainware Member Posts: 8

    Why longer delay? I don't think there is need for that. A hidden trap could be everywhere and the fact that decor doesn't allow is just a technical limitation at this point.

    I don't see why it couldn't be implemented. Override decor with trap if trap is active otherwise show decor. If player wants to remove decor, you need to remove trap first and then decor.

    What should be avoided is placing decors on holocubes and second wave lava cubes as those I think will make them too much pain in my opinion.

  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    Yes, a hidden trap could be everywhere, and if its not directly at the genemat it will activate even with a longer cooldown till the raider approached. I am just thinking that being able to place deco on traps would make 2nd wave trapspam around the genemat worse...

    And on the contrary i would really like to be able to place decals/props on holoblocks, you could have the distortion effect work on them as well so they are really obvious (reason is i was trying to give hints on some strategic bomb traps/passages/exits i hid behing holos to people that go slow, would be way easier if i could place the hints on the holos themselves. But yea, i am a weirdo that wants to help raiders (sometimes) lmao :D)