Light barriers and/or pressure plates

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So thinking about ways to solve the cheese-base vs. w-holders and speedrunners issue discussed in other threads rn i thought about light barriers and pressure plates. Could be a placeable for builders and linked with 1 maybe 2-x traps, or alarms to trigger guards, and could be upgradable. Super expensive capacity wise and heavily limited in amount you can place.

Would be visually hard to spot, especially if you go fast (there could be new equippables for raiders to help find/disarm them), but still would give warning and sounds of the traps triggered by them. Traps linked to them could only be triggered by them (they lose their current triggerfield or whatever) and still be destroyed like usual.

This way builders could make really fancy setups to catch people that just move through everything (imagine figuring out the right timing for these things, at least i would have fun doing that stuff) and make a slow and methodical approach safer/speed approach much more dangerous. I think that would also balance progression between the slower and faster dudes a bit (although raiders are not really in danger to lose anything besides competitive score).


(probably a bit late to implement something like that though lol)


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    I like the idea of pressure plates and light barriers as triggers for traps, like having bolts fire down a hallway after the raider trips the first trap. It won't stop cheese-bases or speedrunners imo.

    To combat stop cheese-base, devs gave raiders gear like the shield. To combat speed runners, devs gave builders unrestricted ability to place as many traps in an area. This will be the balance the devs and we [players] have signed on for. Traps to combat equipment and vice versa.

  • clownkrieger
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    Well, what you call "balance" here leads to the problems discussed a bit more extensive in this thread:

    If that is what the game is supposed to be, i am not sure it will survive - cause it means either use cheese to fight cheese, or suffer from unfun experiences for a lot of people all along the way (raiders that dont want to speedrun/use the shield having to abandon a lot of outposts cause they are unbeatable for them and builders having to watch their elaborate outposts being trivialized by speedrunners ignoring the content they put up for them).

    Also i am convinced that the ability to trigger traps with a pressure plate or light barrier would be a superstrong tool against speedrunners (you actually dont need that for the people that think they can skip everything by just moving forward by holding w, but grappling hook spam (which needs some skill at least) is harder to come by).

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    I think that finding the right balance will be extremely difficult and take time. Therefore, players should have the option to skip a map removing it from the list of available maps. This would also help the devs because they can have the program keep track of every skipped map and investigate maps with the largest number of skips themselves later to look for unbalanced/cheese mechanics to nerf/fix. You would want to make the skip option have a restriction or cooldown though so it is not abused (perhaps you get 1 free one every day and every skip after that has a material cost that doubles each time or something). I had run into 1 of those cheese bases as 1 of the 1st maps I had played on and because I did not have any advanced equipment to use it was impossible for me to run. My options were to go to different maps which give resources I have no interest in, do a harder difficulty to hope for the best, or continue pounding my head against the wall as it were. I ended up giving up and only came back to the game when my friend offered to help me. After he cleared the base he even said "there is no way someone who just started would ever be able to clear that map". It was the lowest difficulty and so that was not an issue with me being a fool by trying hard difficulty out the gate and the friend who said that was 1 of the top players in beta. A better/easier way to make the game more balanced in that regard would be to allow players to revive at the start of the map while leaving all traps they had destroyed thus far broken. This is something you can already kinda do in multi-player by having a friend res you (making it feel like you are punishing players who play solo by requiring them to buy/use an item for this feature which you get for free in mp).

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    Agreed that balance will be difficult and take time. And yea, the difficulty system is unreliable at best, also there are people minmaxing deathtraps to still be rated as normal, something has to be done about that for sure.

    FYI: You were able to abandon outposts to get a new one in that difficulty for that resource.