Trap + Guard Ideas

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Gust trap - A trap that slowly blows the raider backwards reducing their speed (non-lethal)

Boot trap - A trap that kicks the raider away (non-lethal)

Laser trap - A block you can place with one side having a block-long laser which moves side to side. (You can extend the laser by placing more next to each other,) (Lethal)

Boulder - A trap that pumps out a giant boulder (Think of Indiana Jones)

Mimic - A trap/block that mimics another trap.


Colossal - A guard that takes up 2 blocks, (height wise, meaning it cannot fit through 1 block tall tunnels) that uses it's fists to hit the raider (MAX 1 PER OUTPOST)

Spider - A guard that is able to walk along walls and ceilings and spit substances at the raider.

Chameleon - A guard that is able to camouflage itself with the nearest block. Once a raider gets close enough the guard will appear and try to melee the raider


  • chezpizza
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    Adding to your list but some of these aren't traps or guard ideas per say.

    Gate traps and key items - basically a block that blocks a player unless the player has a key. The block still allows harvey unrestricted access. Keys can either be collected via a genmat-like terminal or via a drop froma guard. This would require something to help prevent builders from blocking access to these items or build misleading pathways, like what harvey does for the main objective.

    Harvester upgrade - ability to climb up walls.

    Harvester upgrade - aggressive collector. Harvester attacks the raider if they get to close.

    Harvester upgrade - stealth. Harvey becomes invisible for 5 seconds, if the raider gets close.

    Treasure block - adds value to outpost. This idea is to replace the override concept and forsaken tomb by allowing players the ability to place the tombs but at the cost of losing genmats, similar to activating the outpost via override. if they are gathered the tombs and successful raided the outpost then you lose material but if your post is raided but treasure abandon then its no loss to the builder. A value icon could be displayed on the outpost map with the goal to entice more players to raid your map. Granted a few things to ensure the treasure is accessible to the raider would need to be implemented, like a different kind of collector, etc.

  • Hodderfodder
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    Some sort of swinging pendulum trap.

    Riffing on the above treasure idea, I'd like the ability to place one or two small rewards. The tomb is nice but it's fixed in place and often deep in the arrangement. I'd like to be able to place little secret rooms and other things to reward exploration.

  • chezpizza
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    Holo-cube upgrade idea, phase -through -allows harvey to pass through the block. It have incompatible with upgrades, like soild block or second wave, but it would open up the option for people to make false paths.

  • Rook982
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    Like your idea of a Gust Trap, I was thinking of something like a Shockwave Trap as well. If there is a trap that pulls, there should also be a trap that pushes.

    Then the mimic trap or a decoy trap, does nothing but looks like a normal trap, something that catches a player's attention.

  • chezpizza
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    Ooo. A shock trap on the ceiling would be totally dope perhaps instead of killing the raider though the trap just stuns them for a second. I can already see that trap being abused.

  • Redbeard_Steel
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    Long as it's not an infinite use (or have a mod to increase the stun time) and like the impaler in that it's short range, it'd be annoying, but I could handle that.

  • chezpizza
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    I was thinking more like folks putting like 50 in one room, like the lava cubes.

  • Entchenklein
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    Not Really Traps more like funktioning blocks that help the map creator to let raiders skip long boring routs

    • Teleporter: Instantly teleports The Raider to the Linked teleporter Teleporters are color coded aka first teleporter pair is Red next Yellow and so on the harvester does not take the teleporter so there still has to be a different way asides the teleporter
    • Speed Pad: Increases the raiders Speed for a short time when running over it
  • chezpizza
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    These feel more raider consumables, as i can see myself using these teleport or rush a player straight into another trap, lol, good ideas though.

  • Entchenklein
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    The main issue i am trying to fix with thous "Traps" is that in a lot of my Outposts i end up having long empty hallways that do nothing besides having a few traps in them but beeng super boring to the raider i am aiming for killing players not bore them to death this way i can offer a faster way to complete a boring section of my Outpost so he can try the harder parts more often gifing me more kills in exchange win win

  • Havoc5015
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    Rotating laser: Similar to the plasma sentinel, it rotates 360 degrees and fires a laser out that's deadly to 10 blocks.

    Static laser: A static laser that fires a pulsing laser on and off every few seconds in a straight line

    Turrets: halfway between traps and minions, these fixtures are visible but indestructible until the player is close, then it opens up and fires, at which point it becomes destructible. Variants: sniper turret (shows a laser for 5 seconds before it fires a nearly hitscan bullet (super fast bullet velocity). Rocket turret: projectile can be shot to explode in the air, damaging anything it hits nearby. Gun turret (fires a single projectile once every 10 seconds while it has a target)

    Gravity Well: Continuously pulls a target towards it from any angle. Could be low-strength but indestructible, or high-strength and destructible

    Gravity change: Change the surface upon which you're standing when you enter its zone (indestructible)

    Portal: teleports the player to another location with a 10-second cool down before the player can return.

    Rolling Boulder: A slow-moving projectile that moves in a straight line until it hits a solid object. Fires once every 10s or so.

    Triggers. I think this game needs some sort of logic system. remote triggers (switches), timed triggers, proximity triggers (pressure plates), key triggers(find an item to open a door), logic gates (and/or/xor), conditionals. When I play this game, I feel like an architect. Logic gates would take it a step further and make me feel like an engineer. would take the game from a 7 to a 9 in my opinion.

    One thing I've noticed by watching a lot of replays, I see a lot of people speed run levels very effectively, being missed by a lot of traps just because they're always moving quickly. I've started implementing anti-rush tactics into my base designs, but it would be nice if there was an instant-kill trap. Something you would see if you were going slow, but if someone's going fast, they'll certainly die to it (spike traps can just be zip lined past if you're fast enough). I think a spike trap mod that instantly shoots out the spikes would do just fine.