change build limitations

lee_terry Member Posts: 2

As the game was in beta it punishes players for building bases to look nice because of the way you have the build limit set up. I agree there needs to be a build limit on traps/guards at least but that limit should be separate from the regular blocks (meaning you make separate limits 1 for traps/guards and possibly another 1 for blocks/aesthetics). Doing this would encourage players to be more creative with the builds while also making it so players who care what the base looks like do not feel as if they are being punished for wanting to make the base look nice. Furthermore, because players see the map before they start up it would lead to fewer people skipping maps because they do not look nice (which happened often to my buddy and was a big reason I never built a base in the beta).


  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    In the steamforums is a discussion regarding this, and someone suggested to let building blocks just cost capacity if they have a LOS to the harvester path, a guards path, or a trap. That would be a pretty smart solution imo, cause just the "functional hull" would have to be paid for and all the rest would be purely cosmetic.

  • Wooooookie
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    This, this is a smart solution.

    On the other hand I've came across a post, where someone stated his loading times are increasing alot on maps with high capacities. Maybe its the current implemented protection against tedious loading times on slower systems.