Repurposing the chimera into a NPC faction

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So im just going to say it, the chimera got annoying. Genmat this, genmat that! You must this, you must that. Please, Chimera, i just spent 30 minutes in a cheese outpost and died like 40 times, i dont want to it hear right now. 

Joke aside. I felt the game could simplify down to just using the advisors be the last remnants of humanity and you were the clone they were able to create. Afterwards, the devs could repurpose the chimera into an NPC faction that the player can choose to support. Then, as you level up reputation with them, the chimera offers more rewards based on rep tiers, possible challenges, etc.

Other similar npc factions could then be created, lets name them: Hydra, Manticore, and perhaps a couple more. These factions would be at odds with each other, and gaining rep with one makes you lose rep with the others. Possibly leading to pvp motivations, should a head to head mode be developed.

Possible motives for these factions. 

Chimera wants to save and restore humanity.

Hydra wants to create a superior version of humanity.

Manticore wants to restore everything but humanity. 

Lastly these factions should also offer different rewards than the other faction, which is why players should be able to switch who they are representing. Let's say, Hydra offers a growth upgrade for Guards whereas, manticore offers the explosive upgrade and chimera offers the armor upgrade. That said, I feel like once you purchase a reward it remains even if you decide to switch factions later.

Reward ideas.

*growth upgrade - something I made up, revives guard for second wave. Takes up 2 upgrade slots.

*Explosive upgrade - Guards blow up on the death. Already exists but should take up two upgrade slots.

*Armor upgrade - Guards have armor. Already exists but should take up two upgrade slots.


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    This is an awesome idea all around. I would want to add cosmetics based on the factions too (suit & base cosmetics). Granted I'm unsure how that would look for most, I'd love Manticore to be some sort of plant cosmetics (or even traps based on like, man eating plants, since they want to return nature but not humanity). It'd also be an easy, lore-friendly way to add in other color palettes that wouldn't make sense in this apocalypse otherwise.

  • chezpizza
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    Feel free to add any other faction ideas.

    I was thinking of another faction whose motivations could lean towards cybernetics a la matrix. They want genmats to create living batteries but offers the player an eternity in paradise.

    Offering could be something like turret traps or something.