Gameplay Outside the Build Area: Opinions?

I watched a lot of people in replays returning to the entry point because they didn't realize you can escape in any direction.

I had people (smartly) avoid aggressive guard setups by strafing around the area to the back before approaching my build.

I killed people outside the build area with traps they triggered while on the way out, but also had them snipe aware guards who were otherwise powerless at the border.

So what are your opinions about gameplay at the edge and outside the build area? Should people have to be "picked up" where they are dropped off? Is the distance at which escape is possible the right distance? Should guards be able to pursue outside the build zone to prevent an escape? Are there any abuse points that haven't been considered? Or will the current designs maybe lead to some optimal entrance strategy for builders? What have your experiences been?


  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    Honestly havent thought a lot about that. Didnt do open designs during beta and all my outpost had entry/exit at the "front"-side (pretty close to harvey spawn most of the time as well).

    While in the game-logic it would probably make sense to only be able to extract from where you enter (thats where your fancy hover bike is parked after all), i cant see it making a lot of difference in gameplay if it would be changed to that - besides annoying people if the builder decides to make the entry to an outpost on a large plot at the back side, and raiders have to run back and forth...

  • BillSimmons
    BillSimmons Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 74

    I often make a secret exit that opens once you pick up the genmat. That secret exit is usually a direct path out, leading straight towards an escape in the desert. I'd like for it to stay this way, to give the builder and raider more options. Requiring the player to travel back to the starting platform seems more tedious than anything else.

    Guards pursuing outside the build area is good as it stands. You don't need to travel far before the prompt to escape appears, and by the time they're touching sand they've "escaped" in my mind.

  • Jhyrryl
    Jhyrryl Member Posts: 2

    I have done that with secret entrances when it fits the build, but I also like to make ones that (usually) stay secret, just so it's easier to go pick up resources. :)

  • Maker
    Maker Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    It wasn't made clear, but just leaving your build picks up all the resources.