Ranking system changes to make it more impactful.

Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 142

Btw, I was thinking about the ranking system, and now I am curious if you would want to keep it around what would change?

I myself would first give it a name like "The Sanctuary Ranking system" as per the lore we are currently in a worldwide sanctuary chimeric war over genmat.

Now secondly I would want a leaderboard with at least the top 100/top 500 highest-ranked players. This could work as a public leaderboard and on another leaderboard, it might show you and the two people who are behind you in rank and the two that are in front of your rank. An overall leaderboard would be cool but if the game becomes too big it would just get annoying if it were too large.

Thirdly, add time as one of the conditions that calculate elo gained and lost not just deaths and rank of the builder.

Fourth, maybe give maps individual ranks based on the overall kill ratio and accolades gained by the builder (Over a pool of all the maps that they ever created.)

Fifth, rank rewards, don't just give boring currencies that are useless for the highest-ranked people as they probably have already everything unlocked and maxed out. Give something special. Even if it is just a trophy that stands in your sanctuary with the rank and season written on it. And maybe give the highest-ranked players a season-exclusive skin.

As for maps the top 100 maps of the season with the best KR and accolades gained can be played in a separate tab that still gives the builders and raiders rewards. Or but the best-rated and best KR outpost in a hall of fame. That could also be done with the ranked first of each season. 

Sixth, season length makes it moderately long but not too long. It probably is at least 1 month and at most 6 months. 

Now all this is what I like in a ranking system getting something unique so it is worth the hassle as well being somewhat competitive. Curious what you think about that. and what you guys are interested in.


  • Kharel
    Kharel Alpha Surveyor Posts: 21

    Rank is an interesting concept, but underutilized like you've mentioned. I'd love to see a sanctuary trophy for reaching certain ranks, maybe with a global rank number on it - it's relatively low-effort, and would be really nice for people who put time into raiding.

    Speaking of which, while outposts are kinda-sorta ranked via prestiging, and raiders are ranked via the elo system, there really doesn't appear to be a direct rank system for building or for individual outposts. It's fairly easy to get a prestige 10 outpost; I ended up with several that hit or could have hit P10 over the open beta. With the way rewards for building are tied to the prestige system, that can't really change or get harder without killing builders' rewards even more.

    I like the "top 100 maps" concept, though maybe I'd break that up into the top 25 maps in 4 different categories - top kills, top accolades (maybe top accolades in each of the accolade categories?), 25 developer-selected maps, and 25 highest prestige point maps (for tracking the highest combination of kills and accolades).

  • Hugo
    Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 142

    You can also earn elo from building maps and killing raiders on them. Though I think the gain from it is insignificant. Basically, both raiders and builders currently have the same ranking system though it is not really worth it from a builders' point of view, as raiding is just way more efficient.

    I love the idea of splitting it up into 4 top 25 maps.

  • yegaya67
    yegaya67 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Damage received shouldn't be a factor. But it's a good thought. I honestly have no idea how they could improve it. Unless the population was 3-4 times the size. I see the same players all the time once you get past Diamond 4. I think the game punishes losses too much even when you did super well.

  • Hugo
    Hugo Alpha Surveyor Posts: 142

    Diamon 4 doesn't even exist, and matchmaking is not a thing. You still get outposts of unranked and bronze players.

    I don't think it punishes too hard, the best of the best shouldn't die that often anyways. And dmg received is not a factor as you instantly die so there is no dmg there is just the factor of deaths which you probably mean.

    But they are very important, if deaths weren't a condition more people who are not good enough to be there would be in higher ranks. Yeah, the deaths are strict but are calculated by which rank the builder has. If the builder is of equal rank you can die I think 3 times and still earn elo. When they are way above your rank you can die more often. If they are way beneath your rank you can't die once I think this happens if you are Master and raid someone who is bronze.

    The condition of time would help to make the top players the elite of the elite, they are some of the fastest raiders as well as raiders who barely die while still going fast.