Post launch, will we get more communication from the MYM team

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one of the biggest complaints ive seen is the lack of communication

people want to know why devs made the choices they have or what inspired design decisions.

we want to know how devs feel about what we are saying and if they agree with feedback we give and if not , then why

radio silence just annoys people and makes us feel ignored and that the dev team is out of touch with the community

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    Btw, we are talking about a game that is not released yet (almost!)

    You cannot fully communicate on something when you are still working on a project. It's like when we asked for saving our data from the beta to the official game.

    They said they can't promise anything, but they will do their best. If they said yes but in the end couldn't do it, people would complain even more. I think so far MYM had a great communication with their community.

    Yes they were on their toes and not delivering a lot of info, but the game is not released, meaning things could change between two speeches.

    They gave a lot of info recently, and I'm pretty sure they will keep doing this when the game gonna be released. In any case, people will still complain about something. 🤷


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    Tune into the livestream on April 4th at 11AM ET and ask the developers questions as they build and raid to satiate the Chimera's hunger.

    Previous streams have proven to be a great way to get answers to your most pertinent questions. I look forward to seeing your queries in real-time via the live chat :)

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    They answered very basic questions. The moment you asked a slightly more tricky question, for example, "Is there a plan for a leaderboard?" or "Why are there no player-made champion outposts?" or "How do the Champion outposts work?". They either said "We don't know yet, because we want to listen to feedback from the community" or something along the lines, or they just ignored it.

    I will turn into the stream as they might talk about some interesting things there, but I don't have my hopes up that we will get some very detailed answers to some of the more complicated questions.

    Communicating is very hard to do, but we clearly lacked good communication until we got the information about the beta progress. Which was with the Road map and Sector 1 tweet the only good communication we got since the open beta ended.

    Like we could have used an open beta recap thing we got for the closed playtest or maybe they could have told us what they are currently working on/towards. Even a small Q&A in the forum would have been interesting, where you could have asked questions they could have selected some and made a post out of the answers.

    Has BHVR made bad experiences with Dead by Daylight, yeah sure but that shouldn't stop you from communicating, people might not like everything you do, but that is why good communication between the community and Game developers is needed, so they can better understand what the community wants. Which in return lowers the likely hood of people getting mad at things. Of course, it is not zero as there will always be people that hate just for hating.

    And I hope we all can differentiate between blatant hate, which is definitely not okay, and criticism. And not hate on the developers for doing something but tell them that we don't agree with it without harassing them. I don't think anyone has harrassed the mym team/devs yet but I also might have not seen it.

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    Oops, doublepost.

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    Yeah don't expect that.

    BHVR used to communicate a lot with the DBD community. There were regular streams where they did Q&As, talked about upcoming developments/changes, they would show how the 3D models were made or how the maps changed etc. And no matter what they did the community raked them over the coals for it.

    They would give concrete answers like "Are you going to change x?" "X is performing fine, we don't see it as an issue." "WHAT ARE THEY THINKING DO THEY NOT PLAY THEIR OWN GAME?" or "X really isn't a priority, maybe it will get addressed in the future." "WHAT ARE THEY THINKING..."Even now, when they make a change, the two sentences of explanation they give is criticized as "they think that?! Then why does this thing exist, that's not consistent."

    A thing you have to understand in development is that not everything works out. You have an idea of how to address x, and that does't work, you have to scrap it. Or it can take you quite a while to actually fix x because your first idea didn't work but you're committed. The poitn here is you can't give a hard date on a thing because you don't know if it'll fail, or hey it works but the solution now causes a conflict with y so you need to iron out that before you can address it. But people not only want hard dates. Furthermore, devs would say "Well here is a POTENTIAL idea we're THINKING about", and the community would either freak otu because "oh god this is coming out next week" or they would hold the devs to that as if it was a promise.

    Yet when the devs started giving vague respones like "we're working on that" "it's coming soon", people HATE it because it sounds non-committal. Anything short of "Yes that is a problem, here is the perfect response to address the thing and it will go in next week" wasn't satisfactory.

    When they addressed anything that weren't mechanics based--inspiration material and lore--the community frothed because "lore is all the devs care about". I remember a comment along the lines of "they can't tell us when they're going to change x but they can tell you the name of the Trapper's left foot."

    If everything you do annoys or upsets the community, radio silence takes the least effort.

    Now in DBD all we get is a few sentences in an update explaining the reasoning for a change, and then a lengthy year-encompassing video during the anniversary event.

    I mean damn guys, I don't know a single game where the devs communicate openly and frequently with the community.

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    ghost ship games and Deep rock galactic, relogic and Terraria

    I'm hoping the devs can differentiate between the meet your maker community, a game wher both sides can win and dead by daylightcommunity, a game where only 1 side can win, in the fact one is toxic asf and the other is yet to really pick a direction.

    I agree with you on the stuff you said about giving defined dates ect, but having personally experienced what it's like optics wise for a dev to bring out something no-one wanted in a state that didn't really work with the game compared to those that get feedback early so they don't waste money and time developing something that dosnt fit.

    I'm not sure what to say about always being raked over the coals part, i would like to think they are adults and realize that you can't please everyone and sometimes there are people who are going to berate you no matter what you do. Cutting off an arm cos of a sore thumb dosnt seem to help anyone

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    Not to mention actions speak louder than words. I feel that it's better that they we are able to communicate what we want through the forums and the developers can work towards making improvements based off of our feedback. Before they implement the changes they will likely have a survey to make sure that they are on track to meet the wants of the majority and then after the changes are made, they may make further adjustments.

    I actually do not want more communication than that because it creates entitlement and toxicity from the community.

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    literally provided two examples of devs for games that are among the most successful and wholesome on steam showing that it infact dose not make the community toxic and entitled

    meet you maker is not DBD and should not be treated as such. dont punish a new community due to the community of another game being #########

    the reason DBD is toxic and entitled is that its a PVP game where only one side can win and generally what comes with that is that the winning side has more fun then the losing side. when one side gets buffs or nerfs the other side see's it as affecting them directly, thus you have one side complaining about the other side and vise versa

    in meet your maker both sides can win, you can have a deadly base that kills a raider many times but that raider can also still eventually beat that base. you can have both sides be strong and both sides be fun as in essence MYM is a PVE game.