Replay station infnite loop is still here+no replays of my raids

hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 580

I saw same report but it was posted during open beta so I'm here now for the release version. I have TONS of replays from one of my outposts and neither I can see them nor I can find replays from my newer and less populated outposts (where feedback from replay station is more important). Moreove, it says I don't have MY replays available even tho I did several outposts (and you can see the map track has my progress). Here's the video.

I can't fix it and it can't fix itself. Restarts and all don't work. Nothing works. This part of the game is completely broken for me.

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  • Flowart
    Flowart Alpha Surveyor Posts: 17

    yeah same here. It only shows like 4 or 5 raids at a time for me. And some do that weird loop

    in the beta i was able to scroll and see every raid thats happened for a while. I get excited when a base gets 40 kills, only to see that the replay isnt even there to watch

  • hastarkis
    hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 580

    True. Now it is much better but still some replays are bugged and grouped together in a weird way. I found interesting death tag and wanted to watch the replay but wasn't able to find it because of this :c

    During alpha and beta it was much easier due to less players (raid attempts) and now I have several hundreds I can't scroll through :/