Economy, grind and time

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I didn’t remember the names of the currencies in the game well, but I’ll name them by color, I think you will understand.

Blue - she is in abundance, and there is nowhere to spend except on grenades (if she only pays for something)

Red - there is already quite a lot of it, and again, it can only be spent in conjunction with another currency

Brown - it is not enough, and my post is dedicated to it:

On average, I earn 30-70 points per match,

in order to level up part of the level (not the full level), I need to complete 3 dungeons of the same type. A full level consists of 5 parts (I have level 20). Mathematics:

3 levels of 5 minutes gives me 3*50 = 150 points (~15 minutes in time)

For a full level, I need 5 (five parts of the level) * 3 = 15 times to complete the dungeons = Will give 750 points and 75 minutes will be spent. Also, for reaching the full level, they will give me another 250 points. in total, in the best case, in 75 minutes I will earn 1000 points.

I have 5 dungeons, each of them costs 700+ prestige points, so to restore them I need 3500 points and ~ 4 hours of play.

4 hours of play to restore 5 dungeons, which will deactivate after 12 hours even if no one attacks them. So it turns out that I need to grind for half a day to restore the dungeons for the night, they will be attacked a total of 5-10 times and all over again...

P.s. Yes, there are boosts, but they do not give such a strong increase. The game turns into a grind just to keep your dungeons active, it's depressing.


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    Yeah, economy needs a rebalance FAST and the prestiege system needs a rework FAST! I really enjoy this game and its scary to think that people might leave it if they just lose all their resources because bases are super saturated so no one will ever raid yours

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    I have people raiding my bases, right? I have 2.5 thousand kills in an easy map with an average kill ratio of 4.1 and I have nearly 1k for moderate base with a kill ratio of 7 and I am not earning enough synthite to pay the synthite prestige cost. Like what the hell. I'm almost certain that I'm in the top 10 percent of each category and I can prestige them no problem but I can't earn enough synthite to keep them up.