Owned Outpost Not Available

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I used the "Destroy" option on an outpost thinking it would be a quick reset to build from scratch, and now although is says "Owned" on available burial sites, I don't have access to it and I cannot re-purchase it as it gives me no option to.

Restarting the game doesn't fix it. What can I do?

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  • SnapReflex
    SnapReflex Member Posts: 6

    To clarify, it's not available on "My Outposts" either, but is listed as "Owned" in the available Burial Sites to purchase. I have no access to it and I cannot repurchase it.

  • hastarkis
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    It's not a bug. You bought this site in the shop so you can't purchase it again. You have limited options and can re-buy things. And you destroyed your outpost so you don't have it available anymore. You aren't the first who thinks "del" option will clear base and they definitely should give additional warning about it, but now it is as it is :c

    To clear your base you should use options in build menu. You can delete blocks of one specific type, delete blocks/decals of a whole specific pack or clear all blocks there.