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I think more of my replays than not have issues. Most of them are super choppy or have frame drops that make it impossible to follow the action. Half of them bug out somewhere in the middle: the player freezes while the background stays animated, and it never picks back up. There's also the problem that if a video is say 50 minutes long, even at max speed (which is 2x) it takes over 12 minutes just to get back to the halfway point. There's no way to skip forward to deaths, GenMat stealing, or Tomb looting. There's no way to skip forward in chunks (this really sucks when you want to rewatch part of the video and it really really sucks when someone goes AFK for a while). And there's no way to rewind.

The Replay system is almost unusable. Considering how important it is and how it's a large part of the charm of building Outposts (and necessary for refining and improving Outposts), that's a big deal; it not functioning is a huge downside.

I just attempted rewatching a Replay to see if quitting out and restarting the game would fix the problem where the player freezes even though the video continues on (I can tell they're not AFK, the character is frozen, and there are death and GenMat markers). It did not. So, that's over 24 minutes lost just trying to find out if someone looted the Tombs and not even getting the answer. I lost 10 minutes to that last night and didn't get an answer for that raid, either. This really is unacceptable. Because of the broken Replays and lack of information, I've never gotten to see anyone loot those three Tombs even once.

Platform: PS4 Pro

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  • Darkyan
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    Same issue on Ps5.

    Choppy, laggy at time. Skipping entire minutes in a frame.

    Can't rewind or skip chunks of AFK people.

    Really need to add those features.

    I've had games of 28 minutes where I had to spend 10 minutes at full speed just to see how they died and if my traps were effective.

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    some of the issues with "choppy" is because the player you're watching has crappy internet.

    the replay is server sided, but the outpost raid is client sided. so when you get the replay it has been recorded based on what was sent to the server. then the server sends it back to you. which is why the timer doesn't stop even if the player freezes or continues to run in one direction.

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    I made a new Outpost and someone raided it and died a few times. I went to view it in Replay and it's just stuck at the end of the video on his death. I can't watch the Replay at all (still takes forever to load, though). A ten minute video and all I can see is the last frame of it, stuck there forever. BHVR, the Replay feature needs serious work. It needs to not screw up if/when someone quits or crashes.

    Console needs the normal video functions available to PC players. And if you can' t get Replay to work as well on console as it does on PC, then let console players log in to their BHVR account to watch the replays on their PCs.

    Building on console is difficult enough with these controls, but you really kneecap us and our ability to improve our Outposts when the Replay system is non-functional.