PLEASE Remove the Harvester Path Requirement for Level Creation

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I'm going to try to be as respectful as possible because ya'll are human beings and put in a lot of work for this game. But, know that I'm extremely pissed and disappointed at the same time. This game has so much potential and I've been very excited to play this. Particularly because I have a creative mind, but can also be brutal with that creativeness.

You cannot promote creativity and freedom just to put us all on a completely pointless leash. That leash being the HRV (Harvester). I don't see how it was even considered as a feature within the game, to be honest. I just spent hours making a massive tower with a fairly difficult platforming section just to have to make a back entrance for a Harvester...why? Why in God's name would this be added to the game? Again, I'm sorry if I'm upset, but my mind is genuinely blown right now. If the concern was, "Well, we needed a way to make sure levels were even possible to beat," then you really dropped the ball with the decision you made. I mean, Trials figured it out a decade ago, "Hey, if you can beat the level yourself, then it's good to go."

This is what I would suggest:

• You can upload ANY level you create.

• If even a single player, including yourself after testing the map, makes it to the end and completes the level, then you can start collecting materials.

• If you feel that you MUST keep the Harvester, then make it so you earn extra materials if the Harvester has a clear path. It promotes making difficult levels while being challenged with certain limitations.

Anyways, besides that, I think the game is really cool, but until something gets changed with the level creator, I might not play. I'm just one player, so I'm sure that doesn't matter to anyone, but I hope it makes it clear how much it means to me and how serious I am about the complaint.


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    Harv is there so you don't have to beat the level yourself, and to add a sort of difficulty ceiling. Your level can still be played through the community tab without issue it just can't be used for progression.

    If you share the level here I'm down to give it a shot.

  • CaffeinatedGiraffe
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    That makes literally no sense. I already addressed the "difficulty ceiling" idea in my post. Also, I unfortunately just deleted the level because these r3t4rds don't actually know how to make a videogame. I tried to make a new level following the Harvester rules, but it said I had to buy a new plot or whatever. So, I just deleted my old one in hopes that I could simply start fresh on the level. Instead, it permanently deleted the entire plot and stole the credits I paid to unlock it in the first place. It said literally nothing about that happening. So, I deleted the game and am never playing it again. These dumba$$es lost all respect from me and my mind is genuinely blown that someone could make a game this #########. I was genuinely excited about the concept, but damn did they make some stupid ass decisions.

  • Seraphor
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    Harvester is there to guarantee the level is actually beatable. Otherwise you could completely block off the gen mat or have 30 acid cubes spawn around it when picked up or sonething.

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    It's actually a solid concept to prevent players like yourself from finding ways to exploit the system and make it impossible to collect the genmat. They should definitely not change that system

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    Rather than getting rid of harvey, I think it'd be cool to be able to upgrade him to do cool pathing tricks, like walking on walls or ziplining short distances.

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    this, also if you don't like the Harvester mechanic you create a way to kill it with your own traps at the very beginning, that's what I do when intending to create Maze type levels and works quite well.

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  • Ghorhammer
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    Love how you started this out with a "look how utterly amazing I am" paragraph and then followed it up with a "lemme create unbeatable levels cuz I need to stoke my ego".

    Harvey exists to ensure that there is a transitable path.

    Harvey exists ENTIRELY to prevent pudwackers like you from walling off the Genmat and the Tombs and then standing back and telling yourself amazing you are.

    Refrain from speaking further.

    Everyone will be much happier for it.

  • XLoudmaryjane
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    For everyone saying “the harvester exist to make sure it’s beatable”, we actually don’t need him. Removing him won’t make people make unbeatable levels if they make it a requirement to beat your level before publishing. Like you should have to.

  • Seraphor
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    The devs have explained why this isn't feasible. Imagine you go in to change one little tile or deco or add a mod to a trap, now you have to keep raiding your own level over and over again.

  • magic1236
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    Another thing is. If you want to make really cool levels that are park core challenges and such, there is the option to simply make it a social level. Ya no gain in resources and such but can just be a fun level to play and try out. Especially for people who maybe don’t need the resources and want to try fun levels

    as someone mentioned earlier I think it would be cool if they added a way to upgrade Harvey to where he could do jumps, frappe hook or climbing vertical walls. To open up more interesting level designs.