Grenades blowing up traps through walls

Stradhicle Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

I seen in a replay today that a raiders grenades were blowing up my traps on the other side of a wall to the explosion

The traps are on diagonal block that form part of the wall of the hallway the grenade detonated in.

I have taken some screenshots but I dont seem to have permission to add attachments. I will provide them if my permissions are updated or they are requested by some other means.



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  • wydyadoit
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    Can confirm. Happened on my base. Explosions go through walls with 1/4 and 1/2 tiles

  • BGardiner_BHVR
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    Hi there,

    Could you please send us the screenshots via direct message on social media? We'd like to take a look into this and the screenshots would be a great help!

    Also, if you verify your account, you should have received an email for this (might be in your spam/junk folder), that may potentially resolve the photo sharing permissions issue.

    Thanks! :)


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  • IceBite
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    you need screenshots to verify this? Just go into the game, put a block down, put a trap on one side and throw a nade at the other and watch the result...?