"+192 deaths" that cannot be removed

_Demidrol Member Posts: 33

I was lucky, during the night my outpost killed 392 raiders. But when I went to pick up the loot, only a maximum of 200 killed was displayed there. The remaining 192 are still hanging as "new murders". Re-entering the outpost does not show these 192.

New deaths appear as usual and they are the only ones I can loot. those 192 never change.

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  • wydyadoit
    wydyadoit Member Posts: 1,115

    I have a different, but similar bug. I have a base that wont stop showing the same 30 deaths. I hover them every time i enter the base, but they reappear when i load it back up - even when my filter is set to “new”

  • Seraphor
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    I have the opposite problem on one of mine.

    Just came back to see a run with 0 deaths that was abandoned (already odd because abandoning counts as 1 death)

    Watching the replay, this raider died 8 times before they quit, but their deaths aren't counted anywhere. Not in the outpost stats (only shows 3 from another raid with a 1.5 kill ratio) and no gravestoves in the outpost.

  • _Demidrol
    _Demidrol Member Posts: 33

    Yes! this happened to me too! I thought that "abandoning" does not count, and supposedly for deaths to be counted, it is necessary for the raider to pass the outpost! as protection against impossible outposts. and it turns out to be a bug...