Accolades bonus rewards

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So I was thinking that it would be interesting if accolades had some sort of bonus benefit to them to possibly help encourage people to build their outpost to gain those accolades. For example.

fun - gives a small increase to the amount of GMAT in the pool. When you prestige. So had 9000 GMAT. Got five fun, when you prestige you will now have 9,500 GMAT. Fun outposts last longer

Brutal - bonus XP when prestige the outpost

Igneous - reduce the cost to prestige an outpost.

Artistic - bonus capacity when prestige. So I know you already gain more capacity when you perstige so this will just give like a small bonus like maybe +10 per artistic accolades.

I thought this up Becuse I like being artistic or try to be but in doing so I get limited on traps due to lack of capacity to where I may have to take away from the artistic layout or build I did to have enough capacity to get the minimum amount of traps requirement met. So if one is artistic they get reward more capacity to be able to be more artistic or be able to incorporate more traps and such to be more fun or a bit more difficult.

I will admit I have only made one outpost and it was a small one so I know I was quiet limited on capacity due to that and well I have seen very artistic but brutal and or fun outposts but I noticed most of the time these are only large ones. So this may help with all sizes of map.

made a poll so people can just vote without needing to make a post. But if you want to give some feedback on this idea or discuss it I am happy to read other people’s thoughts in this.

Accolades bonus rewards 3 votes

Good idea - incorporate it
66% 2 votes
Bad idea - don’t incorporate it
33% 1 vote
0% 0 votes


  • chezpizza
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    I don't think this will work the way your are envisioning it will. I can see this end up like the "all shapes fit in the square" video and won't encourage/enforce build variety.

  • Seraphor
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    You can't choose what others rate you though. For example, you'd only get the extra capacity IF others think your outpost is artistic, which would require you to devote capacity to making your outpost look good.

    I think it's a good idea, but giving accolades should be encouraged too. Maybe an additional 100xp per accolade given or something.

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    I think it's fine that accolades don’t give a bit of rewards to raiders because they are ment to be feedback for builders. If they gave insensitive for raiders to vote then they would be voting just for that small XP instead of with a bit of meaning.

    but I do think they should change the buttons on choosing them or make it where if you didn’t vote you could possibly give it a vote after rewatching your run on the outpost or have a setting where on the rewatch station you can open up the results screen of that run you did and vote. I have had it at least two times where I skip voting by accident.

    something though they can do that would be interesting is some accolades for raiders. Where after viewing a replay the builder can vote on some accolades on the raider such as



    speed runner


  • chezpizza
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    As a builder I am disappointed when I don't get rated however I can see if you are soley focused on grinding then voting the accolades does not mean as much to you especially if this is your 50th outpost today. Also Fun is subjective and different to everyone.

    No, I think the devs should consider a different method to the sustaining an outpost mechanic, perhaps the outpost goes on cooldown for 12 hours when exhausted. Why? Well if you have multiple outpost you need to acquire lots of synth to bring back an exhausted one online which means more kill box cheese builds. With a small population of players this probably wasn't an issue but with more players joining MyM and more outposts entering the pool the likely hood of your design not being played is high.

    As i said I do like the thought behind the idea it's just not the problem imo.

  • magic1236
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    Thanks for the feedback. But ya this idea isn’t about addressing a problem and such in the game. I just think it may make things a bit more interesting having small bonuses other than just points.

    for the entire outpost lifespan issue, I feel I know why they don’t do the cooldown thing and force outposts into retirement. They do this so that one outpost isn’t going to always be there, it forces builders to make new outpost for people to raid and keep the verity fresh in a sense. Now though maybe they could do something where if you got enough accolades or something then you could move your outpost to be a cooldown situation but I still see it as a small slippery slope where it will just lead to outposts always being there in the mix and never retiring.

    they could do a sort of extra vote thing. Where if an outpost is a pertiage 10, people who do that outpost could have the option to vote on if it should go into retirement or not when the time runs out. Like get enough votes it means people think others should get to play it so you can perstige it again over the max. Don’t get it well retirement it goes. I get not wanting to make an outpost that has so many hours simply just go to social. But if outpost never retire then there won’t be fresh ones to do

  • chezpizza
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    I think accolades could/should be used in the same way liked levels are used in Mario maker and that's allows the player to easily search and replay those levels.

    I wouldnt be surprised if these levels are then used to build a sort of filter to help players search for outposts with specific fun or ingenious ratings. If BHVR had a search function like this then folks would probably be using the accolade options more so.

  • magic1236
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    Ya this too should be implemented by itself. didn’t think about that