To anyone who complains about a killboxes

TehoKone Member Posts: 21

They're not that long.


  • Seraphor
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    Good for you that you're a speedrunner with a shield I guess?

    I don't have the shield unlocked yet and I prefer to play slowly.

  • chezpizza
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    Definitely worth the investment even if you like playing slow.

    As far as the OG post, not everyone enjoys killboxes regardless of how easy they may be to you.

  • RicSimane
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    Nice! I guess You must be a good speedrunner. Killboxes are usually deadly against careful players who like to raid outposts slowly. But I have also seen killboxes that try to slow down speedrunners and those are the most deadly.

  • wydyadoit
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  • Darkyan
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    I mean, it's cool that you reminded him that he can do that, but I can hardly say that going full speed to the core with just a deflect sword against hordes of tracking AoE and flamethrowers is a good idea.

    You can't just deflect your death like that xd.

  • wydyadoit
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    i didn't spend nearly 100 deaths at level 1 just to not learn how to use my weapons efficiently.

    truth is you can survive any map with the 3 grenades and first 2 weapons they give you.

    is it worth it? no. but you can.

    the thing you have to remember is to look at the number at the start of a level on the red platform. if you're not good at the game nor do you have equipment then don't expect to be able to fly through maps that have high prestige. the higher the prestige the more capacity.

    the builder of a higher level/prestige gets almost nothing for killing new players or low level players. i should know. i've built a few death cubes just to try it out/educate myself and the only thing that i get from level 1's is MAYBE 5 parts or synthite on the first death. otherwise they're a waste of a raider.

    but if they win, beat the base, and destroy every trap then they get 300 or more currency of both types. and a lot of the time all it takes is a well placed grenade.