Replay info should show number of Tombs looted

TragicSolitude Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 6,626

The screen that lists the available Replays shows the number of deaths and whether or not the Raiders escaped with the GenMat, but it doesn't show whether or not the Raiders looted any of the Forsaken Tombs.

I'm very interested in seeing if anyone finds the Tombs on my maps, but the loading time is a nightmare and there's no option to skip-forward or rewind. I just tried to watch one of the longer videos, having no idea if the Raider found it, and it crapped out halfway through (restarting the video sometimes fixes the issue, but that would still require watching the first half again with no guarantee it's not totally busted). So, after over ten minutes of attempting to find out, I still have no idea if that Raider even found the Tombs.

BHVR, you have really mistreated this second [optional] objective.