What makes you acculade a builder?

Hello fellow custodians!

I just got my "critical acclaim" achievement and was ... somehow unpleasingly confused by the percentage of players who already got it.

Maybe I'm getting uncommonly lucky on my raids, but most of the bases I visit have something to deserve a good word - it can be overall enjoyable and make you feel good with yourself (fun) have some deadly, or not-so-deadly but smart, traps (brutal, ingenious) or being well designed with a nice overall theme and pleasant level solution (artistic).

There are plenty of good examples I can give an accolade to - when outpost makes you feel like in some retro shooter level, not too hard, but making your heart beat faster. You could not die even once in such an outpost, but it's fun and artistic. Sometimes, there are complex traps you must die at least once to understand - but when you got it, the solution is simple. Those are artistic and ingenious. Sometimes there are a lot of traps and trap combinations, which are not too hard, but make you "move it move it" - it's fun and brutal.

The only people I never give any accolades - the ones who block the forsaken tombs or pare them with lava cubes - those people are made of pure sh#t, so there is no reason to be nice to them. Or the ones who make kill boxes that just straightforwardly try to overwhelm your ability to react and disarm traps - yes, those could be solvable, but there is no creativity nor fun in them.

So, getting back to accolades - what makes you give encouragement to fellow custodians? What are the qualities you look for in outposts to give them some good words?


  • Seraphor
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    As long as it's not a killbox or otherwise obviously lazy, I'll probably give it a Fun. Artistic if they've paid attention to the appearance beyond just throwing a few decals and props around. Ingenious and Brutal are certainly rarer but I find them warranted occasionally when an outpost does something genuinely new to me and gives me a challenge.

  • Varzin
    Varzin Member Posts: 12

    1 rule, if the base has any forsaken tombs that are clearly intentionally impossible to get, it's gets no accolades. I don't know what's with some people walling off tombs with corrosion cubes or see-through glass cubes as if teasing players that they can't get the tomb.

    Fun - If I enjoyed the base I give this.

    Brutal - Tough but fair bases get this.

    Ingenious - If the base has any trap combos that I find particularly clever it gets this.

    Artistic - If the base clearly has a lot of work put into it to make it look nice or has interesting sculptures/building shapes.

  • hastarkis
    hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 580

    Sometimes I'm so frustrated by my own deaths I don't give accolades for objectively good bases xDD But I do that with thoughts that I died so many times I granted enough prestige points anyway and it's not a big deal xD

    I don't give accolades for blocked tombs and cheese tactics. Sometimes I don't even finish the level to not feed them with my deaths either. If that's the case or if I see people clearly and intentionally exploiting bugs (like second wave corrosives now) sometimes I even block them to not meet those builders/raiders ever again.

    But if I see super creative outside/inside decoration I sometimes die on purpose to tip the builder. I let them know I like it by nodding. Recently I tipped 4(?) deaths for not that deadly but SUPER cool dragon-like outpost *0*

    Also I like secret paths or backdoors that reward exploring. And I'm trying to keep links/names of those creators to check their social (p10) outposts later.

    In general, I give accolades almost always, especially if I didn't die at all but like the base.

  • magic1236
    magic1236 Member Posts: 106

    In the community creations section I made a post for people to share the names of outposts and the creators of outposts that they found to be unique or very fun. Maybe you can post some of the ones you enjoyed the most

  • Tsulan
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    As long as the Tombs aren´t sealed, or at unreachable spots, i give 1.

    If i additionally had fun, i give 2.

  • Amaroq64
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    When I first logged into the game, I saw that statement by the developer that everyone should have fun and be honorable, even though we're trying to brutally kill each other for resources.

    So on every outpost, I give them two accolades, and I try to pick the two that I felt most appropriate.

    The only time I don't give accolades is when they wall off or destroy the tomb. Or if I see that every trap I destroy is dumping my resources into a lava cube, I immediately leave the map and don't give accolades then either. I'm starting to run into this "killbox" phenomenon too, and they don't get accolades either.

  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    Killbox users

    Tombs blockers

    Flamethrower and Guard spammers

    And lazy outpost or outpost with unintended lava holes that lead to the Genmat

    Those don't get any accolades, just big No-No motions for a solid minute before I leave with their resources

  • TragicSolitude
    TragicSolitude Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 6,626

    I try to give an Accolade to most everyone (really good bases get two, like if the traps were really well done or effort was put into making the base look nice). It sucks to have Raiders come through and not give Accolades. I try to assume the other console players are skipping past the screen thinking they did give an Accolade because BHVR screwed up the buttons/UI so bad, but the idea the players didn't enjoy my base still stings.

    The times when I won't give Accolades: the Tombs are blocked off or use Corrosive Cubes to steal the loot; the layout is designed to steal my ammo; the map is Corrosive Cubes and one or two other traps spammed everywhere; the Outpost is nothing but cramped corridors and Warmongers; the builder used second wave Corrosive Cubes to hide traps; the builder uses a ton of wedges everywhere (not a few, I mean covering the base with the things) to make traps really difficult to deal with. I know the devs prioritize kills over fun because BHVR never learns its lesson, but I'm not blocking people for using strategies I find cheap, I just don't reward them for it.

  • Dreamnomad
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    If I find the level impossible then I won't give accolades. I don't mind dying a few times. But there is a difference between difficult and hair pulling out frustrating. I also won't give accolades if the tomb is inaccessible. I don't care if it's trapped, but don't block it off completely and if your level is huge then give clues as it it's location.

    Outside of that, I give accolades based on the level. If someone made the effort to make it visually pleasing then I give out artistic. If it is difficult but winnable then I give brutal. If it was a good time then I give out fun. If there was particularly devious and unique traps then they get cunning. (if those aren't the exact names then you know what I'm referring to)

  • MythicMikeneto
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    I give accolades for these reasons:

    Fun: I was entertain while raiding (thisis a very low bar) and I dudnt hate your build. If you disqualify your build from 'fun' you will likely get a 'brutal'.

    Brutal: I found the buold challenging or very difficult. Kill boxes, having to kove slow and cautiously.

    Ingenious: I was impressed by a setup or learn something new. Any time I find myswlf saying 'Lol, you totally got me with that."

    Artistic: If I notice ffort was made to decorate with decals or a sculpture was made. Some things I have seen to note: and elephant, and atomic bomb, decal or sculpted words.

    I try to always give at least one accolade and look for excuses to give two.

    I look forward to running all yalls raids!