Wow, This Is Amazing Game Design...

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Diamond Springs (Brutal Rating) was active for 17 hours in the "prime time" for my region, and guess what. It only got raided a single time. ONE SINGLE RAID.

Guess what, now I cannot Prestige my base, because I do not have enough Prestige Points, because of stuff that is actively out of my control.

Words cannot express how frustrating this system is, since I spent hours working on this map only for it to be flushed down the gutter because the game does not push my map to other players.

1050 Synthite gone, wasted.

EDIT: This is a bug apparently, I should be able to Refill/Reset but I cannot.

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    You are getting 17 hours worth of genmat. And it looks like from the time that picture is taken you do have enough to refill it.

    i have come to the conclusion that the reason one can have so many bases built is so that, during the times they can’t refill one base they can have others active then as they raid they can have enough money to refil the basses and activate them later while the others are depleted and unable to be refilled.

    It is a shame that it only got raided once. It looks cool. I know if I see it I’ll definitely give it a try.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    50/125 Prestige Level. It literally says it on the right side of the screen, the icon is even half filled to indicate that it's not enough to Prestige.

    So Im not sure what you are looking at for it to "look like from the time that picture is taken you do have enough to refill it" when it already expired and cannot be refilled? Im actually confused on that.

  • magic1236
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    Oh well isn’t refilling and Prestiging different?

    you have enough money to refill the dungeon. You just can’t upgrade and refill it witch is what perstiging dose. Or am I wrong in this?

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    Well, technically it's not a "Refill"; it's a "Reset" (at least according to the Building UI).

    Also even though I have enough, it will not physically let me do it. I have only been able to refill Genmats via Prestige, anything else just does not work.

  • Darkyan
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    You refill the same way you prestige, go into build and into the prestige tab.

    It refills the genmat at a cost and allows raiders to raid again so that you can earn prestige points

    You get more visitors if you have more accolades, but keep in mind Brutal usually gets less visitors and less accolades because its filled with speed runners and killboxes so people tend to avoid it or just run and go.

    (Recent pool showed a lot more Normal and Dangerous players active)

    I stick to building Dangerous and get around 7 to 9 people a day with around 30 deaths

    The system is a bit trash in that regard, but you get passive income from just owning an outpost while its active.

    Edit ; Consider filling this under Bug if "Refilling" doesn't work despite fufilling the requirement.

  • chezpizza
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    Yeah, the Reset button is a bit misleading. Sounds like I'm about to dump the prestige points I have recieved.

  • TragicSolitude
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    You lose any unspent Prestige points, you just don't lose your Prestige levels. Which makes it even harder to reach the next Prestige level. I don't think any Outpost I've had to reset has recovered, they're all stuck at that Prestige level, now.

    I do wish the game explained anything when it comes to what these different options/mechanics do. It's so unnecessarily opaque about things players need to know while over-explaining its lore in the Codex. Freaking backwards.

  • Dodonator
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    I know that feeling too well.

    I refill my bases everyday, in the hope more than 2 players are going to raid it. I always get good feedback on it but that isnt enough to get on the prestige level. I've refilled the same bases 4 times now without progress, just because nobody played it.

    But once your base gets upgraded to champion, you get flooded with raids. I have bases with over 200 raids and others with like 10 and they have the same uptime.

    All i can say is that is pure luck-based.

  • TehoKone
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    Let me guess. You used targeting through an acid block exploit?

    After some testing with raid rates for 4 days with different things, the only map I had that did not get a prestige lvl was one using an exploit.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    My base didnt even use the Second Wave augment at all, so definitely not exploiting the Corrosive Cube bug; I have been avidly telling people to avoid that exploit since there is bound to be repercussions for doing so.

    I think the refill/reset is just bugged; this isnt the first time something like this has happened, since I bought a new base to use and the base got perma-locked as Brutal Rating despite me removing all traps, still is rated as Brutal Rating even with no traps (I stripped the base to make sure), as far as Im aware, it's just a free Brutal Rating base for people, since I forgot to remove it as active and Im too lazy to log into MYM to change it.

    Base-making is just buggy in general. But I think it will get fixed over the new few weeks since the game just recently released anyways.

  • DuskTheViking
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    2 IQ death boxes are being used to kill new players, now no one wants to play brutal.

    It's not the game, it just general terrible base design at larger levels, players just are not interested in boring AF bases

  • TehoKone
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    2 IQ death boxes can be beaten with a 3 IQ playstyle.

    Looks like you did not make it.

    And 3rd note; IQ is a very unreliable way to measure intelligence. IQ only measures how well you're doing IQ tests.

  • ErrorUserIsDead
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    It's absolutely the game, yes. Gamers will always take what is the most efficient route in a lot of cases. Considering how slow traps activate, the arbitrary difficulty system, the limited pathing options, the cost of base upkeep, and the laziness of players not interested in making a fun base but just a passive currency income - you get a million traps crammed in one room. That is a problem with design, not the playerbase. You can't allow players to take the easy way out or they almost always will (consciously or subconsciously)