I´m confused about Bug reports

Tsulan Member Posts: 15,095

So we have a Bug report section on this forum, that has all reported bugs on pending for revision since february and a link on reddit to a special Bug report website, that kinda looks like the DbD cheater report page. Which was pinned by a dev yesterday.

We also have a 5 page long thread on the Steam Bug Forum about crashes, with no reaction from a dev or anyone.

Does that mean, that the reports on both forums are ignored and pointless?


  • ErrorUserIsDead
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    They got a lot of feedback after the beta and still released the game with the same bugs. They need to just be upfront and say "This is what is being worked on - well have a fix soon". It's really not that hard to give minimal communication

  • Tsulan
    Tsulan Member Posts: 15,095

    This game is starting with a small community, just like DbD did 6-7 years ago. DbD had weekly dev streams, where they answered questions from the community and explained whats coming up.

    Something similar would be great for MyM. As it would help build a community.