Can't submit a report unless I hit escape

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Trying to submit a report on an outpost however the submit button remained unselectable unless I hit the escape key.

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  • Darkyan
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    Can we all agree to not use the Forum as a way to make reports.

    Also, would be a good time to pull out the good old "Name and shaming" forum rule set.

    Also also, -> Replay feature, My raids, Check user profile -> Block/report user.

    And the corrosive cube is a feature until it's not.

    Nothing game breaking about that unlike the Pyramid Wedge invisible wall glich that forces you to quit the game and come back. It's just looked down upon

  • chezpizza
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    Upon review, I edited the original post so the user name is not listed as you are right is not fair nor the issue: I was trying to submit a report of bug/exploit but the submit button was not become active unless I perform an additional action.

  • Darkyan
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    Thank you for keeping the forum a civil place (:

    It definitely makes the bug report more clear as well, I initially thought you meant "I want to report this person, but I don't want to leave their outpost"

    Failure to use the report system as intended is indeed a pretty significant bug and I hope it gives the dev some insight as to what may cause it.