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I realize this is probably going to be crazy pedantic and stupid but these are some small changes that can be made to help builders have more fun and be creative. I have no way to denote the three types of blocks in this post so ill be calling them full blocks, half blocks, and corner blocks.

Make Blocks Free: This is the biggest one for me. I hate that 10 blocks are as lethal as a corrosive cube. For God's sake it takes 8 to make two squares of a small hallway! Id say dont stifle builders creativity. Reduce build capacities around the board and make blocks free. This lets builders stylize bases as much as they want and capacity now only equates to the lethality of a base which could also help with brutal classifications.

New block: I love the tree types of blocks in the game and think they can do a lot in a design sense. Imagine using half blocks to create diamond shaped hallways that rotate between squares and diamonds! Or triangle hallways that use full blocks on the bottom. However if you do triangle hallways i hope you don't like right turns because you can't make them look nice. When you turn you can use corner blocks to make a beautiful finish but they can't rotate properly to make a nice finish on a right turn. Add a new block to give us nice turns! Or at least let us rotate what we have to make right turns.

Harvey Pathing: I'd like to see a small tweak here as Harvey really struggles navigating some corner block setups. An example is turning a diamond hallway into a square. Harvey can't navigate the corner blocks even though players are able to traverse without jumping. I think Harvey paths are a good idea, but I think if a player can navigate without jumping, then so should Harvey.

Masquerade Change: as much as I love what it does now I was hoping it would do more. I would love to see the addon make the block fully traversable by enemy patrols.

Just some small tweaks that I think builders would enjoy.


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    As much as I love the idea of normal blocks being free. It will probably harm balancing of bases. People would be free to make loooooong pathways towards the genmat making it a very time consuming raid. It would probably end up making basses become too complex in a negative way.

    again I love the idea to have them free to make really creative and complex bases in a sense. But I do feel it could be abused in a very unfun way

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    I have to agree here.

    I made the mistake of raiding a large normal base. 30 mintues into the (what felt like 50 miles) long spiraling hallway. I died to a semi random, few and far between dart trap. The experience to be gained wasn't worth the time and effort. Was one of very few raids I have abandoned.

    One technical reason to consider for the limitation of blocks is rendering, loading, and processing. There are already a long list of comllaints about 'loading times' and a map with every square full of blocks (except for the path) might literally set a xbox one/ps4 on fire. Lol.

    I had considerd an idea for Harvey: 1 block climbing.

    I wonderd if it would be possible for the builder to upgrade Harvy so its pathing could include a 90 degree, 1 block at a time, in the pathing. It would open many different options for builders and challenges for raiders. Harvy could still just identify the shorted route from start to the gen mat.

    I figured out that builders would have to make sure to impair any and all shortest pathing if thy wanted Harvey to take a longer path. It may also interact poorly with certain traps too. So thats probably why it didnt happen.

    Maybe we need a block that operates as a 'ladder' for Harvey. Could make for intersting 90 degree vertical climbs/grapple hooking raids.

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    Also think 'free' blocks probably wouldn't work, but tweaking the costs of things could be useful.

    Maybe double all values? But have half/corner blocks still only cost 1, so effectively half the cost. This could make for more interesting ways to design a bit more cost-effective outposts.

    They also need to adjust how different components affect difficulty rating. Traps appear to increase difficulty rating based on coverage (detection), their proximity to other traps, and how much of that covers Harvey's path. Holocubes and Claw traps seem to increase it as much as other traps despite being non-lethal on their own, and it also seems that basic blocks increase difficulty rating too.

    I don't think basic blocks should have any impact, and holocubes and claws should only have half the impact they do, and only when in close proximity to a lethal trap. There's absolutely no reason why a labyrinth with random holocubes on their own should be rated Brutal when the only lethal components are a couple of Warmongers and a couple of Impalers.