Game Strongly Favors Raiders

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Please fix the balancing. Raiders are way too favored. Traps (especially second wave modded) take too long to activate after trigger, the raider can walk forward (or grapple hook) the entire outpost with no consequence, and if you haven’t mastered that art, don’t worry… you have an Arc Barrier “weapon” that negates all damage for too long and has too short a cooldown.

The most time consuming aspect of this game is building an outpost. You dont need to reward players for the countless number of hours they put into their outposts… just make it more balanced so outposts with varied designs and layouts have a shot… instead of what seems to be the meta (spamming plasma cubes with the claw/acid combo).

I’ve really enjoyed the game… but this one aspect is reallllllllllllly demoralizing.



  • MythicMikeneto
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    "Please nerf rock; Paper is fine. Sincerly, Scissors"

    I hear ya tho.

    Had a guy 0 death my small/nornal build by blocking everything with the shield. Didnt feel good; That same build caught 1 guy 7 times (eventually he git the gen mat and escaped; felt great!

    Until every player is 0 deathing my build with shield in hand, I dont find a 'major' isssue here.

    Raids would be near impossible if traps triggered even faster. Sure, use a shield, then multiple armored guards become the new meta. The use a shield and a sword, long range traps like fire, darts, plasma, become the new meta. Rock, paper, scissors...shoot.

    When it comes down to it, become a better builder. Try new things. If you have no inspiration. Raid for a while. Learn from other builders.

    I have much respect for my fellow builders ehen I run into a setup that I actually have to think about how to beat it. I see how they did it, then try to use the concept in my next build.

    For context: I dont have any other weapons yet. Only the 3 bolt upgrade on the heavy bolt gun.

    3 bolts, 3 grenades, a trusty knife. A grapple hook, a double jump, and my own varying level of caution; bring it on!

    I hope to enjoy your builds (and likely die in them)!

  • Seraphor
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    Seconded. My most successful outposts have a mix of everything, typically a 'reception room' with a handful of Enforcers/Hornets/Cannonbacks, a few surprise trap set ups, and then a sudden wave of armoured Warmongers. Seems to keep people on their toes and means no single build is perfectly suited for dealing with everything. I find that most die at least a couple times, even if the odd few get through with 0 deaths, and those who die multiple times tend to get stuck on one part more than the rest, but which part that is varies from raider to raider.

  • Darkyan
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    I love that first quote, just had to tell ya.

    On the subject tho ; There's traps combos made for speed runners, and traps made for slow runners.

    Just like how you learn how to trap slow people who play with just a sword and a bolt launcher, you need to work out ways to force a shield use and trap a runner, it's part of the game.

    I found that keeping my outposts below 1760 capacity makes it "Dangerous" and mostly raided by slow runners, so I make traps for these kind of guys.

  • Entchenklein
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    My main issue with the arc barier is that its not just op in some circumstances but almost everything the builder can throw at a arc barrier user can just be countered by it ironically the best thing you can do againth arc barrier is actually building a killbox the thing the arc barrier was supposed to counter in the first place

  • SpursFEVA
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    Yes, I used a few specific examples but that wasn’t a comprehensive list. There are weapons, the amount of reusable ammo… yada yada yada. Raiders are too highly favored. I’m not saying the game is broken. I’m saying it’s not balanced.

    Also, next time, forgo the cheeky quips. Let’s maintain some level of maturity, eh?

  • MythicMikeneto
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    I apologize. I didnt mean to offend with my ironic quote.

    It was soemthing I read long ago in regards to people complaining about 'balancing' in another game. After reading so many complaints from both builders abour raiders being to strong and raiders about builder making bases that are 'unbeatble'; it seemed apporopriate.

    I am of the mind that raiders are supposed to get the Gen Mat; no matter what. I see raiders as the heroes and builders as the villians. I enjoy being a builder (villian) in this game.

    From my perspective, villains are suposed to lose. My interest comes from the heroes' journey and them overcoming the trials placed before them.

    I would only find issue with a raiders power if every and any combonation of raider equips resulted in no trap ever being effective; except by maybe random chance or the raider making a mistake.

    Melee, ranged, defensive, fast, and slow raiders all have their unuque weaknesses. Until a day comes that they don't (and everyone 0 deaths runs ecerything I build) I dont see an issue.

    If you feel the opposite, we can agree to disagree.

    Respect to you and wishing you the best in your builds.