Anyone tried stealth based outpost yet?

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As the title asks, did any of you try to make an outpost that goes with the idea of not getting detected by guards with BloodLust, and if you did ; how did it go?

I was planning on making something along those lines when I come back from work, having guards patrol very slowly and spreading out so that you can shoot them and sneak into the outpost.

Alerting the guards would trigger bloodlust and send 20 guards running full speed at your location (Always accessible by low hanging ceiling and wedges)

And second wave would trigger an "alarm" of sort and change the flow of combat to a "Run away and escape" type of mission.

Would love to hear your thought if you tried it, see if i could make it work.


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    it's not that great of a base. the issue is how easy it is to force the guards outside or down a narrow tunnel. warmongers tend to bunch up and die at the entrance due to the enforcers shooting them in the back.

    you can do a pretty decent version with hornets, but they're going to spot the raider 99% of the time. the base has to be open and they have to be on patrol with armor. (actually this is what i'm building currently. just need prestige for the 20 cap with armor)

    it still does poorly simply because the crossbow with 15 shots exists.

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    Noted, tho I was thinking about running it inside with multiple paths, maybe trick the warmonger path finding so that they dont all bunch up.

    Definitely not using the hornets, the detection range of like 7 blocks kinda defeat the purpose ):

    Appreciate the warning though, hope I get to play yours soon

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    Don’t worry about if it will end up being a “good” or “bad” outpost. As I feel you are going for a more fun sort of approach to this then a trying to turkey prevent players from stealing the genmat.

    something you can try doing is make it where the patrolling and such dose not begin till a bit deep in the base. That way the players would have to go a long distance to get to the entrance. Can’t really give advice on the bunching up though.

    if you really wanting make it very stealth like have moments where the player could sneak up and back stab the guards. You can even try being a bit more creative and have moments where the guards stop and “talk” to each other having conversations.

    could also just trying making this concept without the blood lust perk other then for the alarm phase.

    the other thing is, you can just try going for a social raid build. Make it where you don’t have to be restricted by the HRV path. Though if you do end up making this base I’d really like to know the name and difficulty so I could keep an eye out for it if you make it active and If you make it social then to be able to search it in social

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    Plan is to make it through prestige raids, cuz I need as much capacity as possible to explore the outcomes of what I can do for fun.

    So harvey will definitely be there doesn't bother me since it's meant to be fun and probably 0 death as well, my main worry is to teach the player that its a Stealth raid, I can't think of a way to "Tutorial" them into being sneaky.

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    I have come to the very , very painful realization that Guards don't have "Line of sight" detection, but rather they have a 4 block wide detection radius active at all time.

    Which makes any hopes of building an indoor stealth outpost a failure to me as Guards will find you even if you tippy-toe at 1m/hour from 4 blocks away in their back, which in turn triggers blood lust and ruins the entire experience.

    Which dev dared to not put LoS on humanoid enemies ):

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    Name's Prineville

    -Dangerous Difficulty

    Weapon advisor Genmat

    Prestige 1

    Large base, 3 tombs all accessible and very obnoxiously loud during testing.

    It's in active rotation.

    Hope you get it, I'm looking forward to the replay.

    also also, shoutout to Kirtan Stark (Crystal City) for the building inspiration

    Edit ; Bring a gun, melee doesn't work ):

  • Darkyan
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    From my testing, with the big sword at least, it appears that a guards have a 4 block wide "Movement input" detection, so if you're touch your movement key at any moment between those 4 blocks the guard will trigger "Alerted" and bloodlust will alert everyone around.

    Its possible to sneak up on a guard by just spamming grapple ( Because grapple isnt a movement key ) and slash them, but that's extremely un-fun.