Rage quit affecting the kill ratio

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So the way the game is laid out it kinda forces you to make killboxes however some folks just jump off when they encounter them or get disconnected regardless this unsuccesful attempt affects your kill ratio. Which would be fine but these attempts typically only register one or two deaths and drastically lowers my kill ratio. Which feels like im being punished for building in the manner the game wants me to build. So why isn't the attempts calculated as such:

If the raid attempt is unsuccessful and the number of deaths is less than the lowest number deaths of a successful attempts then the attempt is NOT counted towards the kill ratio. Otherwise it is counted.

I feel it would make sense since as a raider if you don't abandon the outpost on the raid menu, you can try and try again.

Honestly I feel the difficulty rating of a outpost should be based on the kill ratio and not how many traps was laid out on a path.


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    How are you being punished? What game mechanics are influenced by kill ratio?

    Perhaps if you made less irritating levels you'd get fewer ragequits. If I abandon an outpost, it's because the builder has created a completely uninspired killbox that I'm not equipped to deal with in the slightest, and the fewer deaths I can 'award' them for doing so the better.

    the difficulty rating of a outpost should be based on the kill ratio

    So... every outpost would start off Normal regardless of how difficult it actually is, and killboxes that everyone abandons would be Dangerous or even Normal difficulty? Because everyone abandons them instead of granting them multiple deaths.

    The key to a high kill ratio is an outpost that looks easier than it is. This gives the raider the confidence to attempt it multiple times. You can do this by creating a 'progression' or 'narrative' to your outpost, that gives raiders multiple distinct 'challenges', rather than one overpowered easy to build gimmick. If I'm enjoying the outpost I'll happily feed it multiple deaths so that I can reach the end.

    This guy is absolutely on point:

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    Yes very much agree I've created a base that's quiet in the beginning, has a middle room full of danger, quiet room, then a trapped staircase to the Genmat

    After the genmat is taken the two previous quiet rooms be come full of traps and surprises. It gives the raider a chance to breathe in between encounters and make them keep taking the challenge on. No need for a single uninspired kill box.

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    well, Kill Ratio is the only statistic that is not subjective. A high KR tells you how effective an outpost is doing. The more kills you can manage to get out of an outpost the more resources you'll probably obtain of it. That's the grind cycle isn't?

    Accolades are fine metric but it's subjective. Some folks enjoy punishing designs, others tempo, and it could deeply depend on someone mood. Some people forgot or skip Accolades all together. I get it, after my 5th raid, even a well designed outpost might not grab my attention (though I put Accolades even if it was uninspiring). Accolades would be more useful if the mym allowed players to search for outposts based on thier ratings rather randomly assign folks 15 outposts 5 of each difficulty. This would allow players play the designs they want to play.

    Also my idea would have outposts start off as either new or unrated. Perhaps giving additional resources for the first person who bests it and maybe extra resources to someone who beats with the least amount of deaths/time.

    Nice tip about luring folks in with easy traps however it does not fix the problem. Some folks, speed runners I'm guessing when i watch the replays, dip after 3 tries some after 1.

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    But still, how would new outposts be played? Would there be a fourth difficulty rating of 'unrated'? How would you get people playing unrated outposts? It would be sheer pot luck, you'd have to play these unrated outposts and they could be dead easy or virtually impossible and you wouldn't know.

    Also as long as the system isn't accurately recording raids and kills, relying on such a system for anything of substance is a bad idea. I've counted 25 zero death no genmat replays so far, that's raids where players go in, die a bunch of times, and then either disconnect or the game crashes and the entire run is nullified. It gets counted as a raid, but you don't get any of the kills. This completely screws the kill ratio.

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    ^^ an example of how to search for levels in Mario maker. New levels are usually a bag of unknowns.

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    Hmm.. doesn't seem great.

    There's also some significant differences, in that outposts only have a limited active duration.

    Besides, raiders already avoid Brutal due of the chance of getting a killbox, even though the rewards for Brutal are far better than Dangerous. So I wouldn't expect many to play a 'new' outpost when it's complete pot luck what you get.