New Custodian Idea

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So we have a ranged specialist and a melee specialist, I'd like the next custodian to be a hybrid specialist. Something like:

  • Whenever you destroy a trap or guardian with a ranged weapon gain 10/20/30% increased move speed for 4 seconds.
  • Whenever you destroy a trap or guardian with a melee weapon return the last bolt fired to your ranged weapon. Cooldown 10/5/1 second(s).
  • Decrease cooldown on melee weapon by 30/40/50%.

This would support a "run and gun" style of playing that I think many would enjoy.


  • Darkyan
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    Override melee and Ranged "Destroy trap" mods and get a 60% speed boost, alongside the stim.

    Goodness me, I wouldnt even need to dodge anymore

    edit ; You can put max level mods on other custodian, so your 1st and 3rd are basically copies of the melee. ( Unless I'm getting the wrong vibe from "Lunge speed", which i now realize is probably the speed of the lunge itself and not the attack speed )

    also 2nd (melee gives ammo back) makes "Pick up range" worthless on the ranged custo

    edit ; I counter your hybrid offer with ;

    An Equipment custodian.

    -Increase equipment carry capacity by 1/2/3

    -Chance to not use equipment on deployment by 10/20/30%

    -increase max deployment range of equipment by 20/35/50%

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,549

    It actually doesn't make "pick up range" worthless on ranged custodian. You would have to have a melee weapon equipped to make use of it. Whereas ranged custodian typically wants to use both ranged weapons. Therefore the visual indicator on spent bolts still has value.

    Maybe the ranged skill giving movespeed could be problematic. So something that gives a bonus to melee when using ranged. For example: Whenever you destroy a trap or guardian with a ranged weapon this ability activates. The next time you destroy a trap or guardian with a melee attack gain invulnerability for 1/1.5/2 seconds. Cooldown 4 seconds.

    As far as your equipment custodian goes, the idea holds promise but the execution would be a problem. 4 phoenix equipment base plus an additional 30% chance to not consume on use is pretty broken. Alternatively, the range bonus is pretty lackluster. The only thing it actually effects is grenades and it is very rare for range to be an issue with them.

  • Darkyan
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    I do agree with Phoenix going busted to some extent, but I disagree with the range.

    Having the ability to throw shields at the traps creates a safe zone, and destroys the traps.

    Throwing your phoenix across the traps to a safe zone you've created with your weapons and using it as a "Teleport" if you die in the kill box sounds amazing to me and changes the perspective of always using Phoenix as a checkpoint behind you. (Don't forget that coop has infinite revives, 4 phoenix is no different, and prevents frustation while still providing kills to the builder.)

    Grenades obviously benefits from that.

    The only equipment that doesnt get a bonus is the stim.

  • H1Y0
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    A suit that "armors" the player would be neat.

    An ability could give you 0.5 seconds of invincibility when you kill a guard or destroy a trap. This value resets for each additional guard or trap and does not stack. The ability ends early if a single source of damage hits you. Upgrades could increase time or the number of hits (relentless boltshot).

    Another ability could cause you to become Mario and just stomp enemies to death because you are "heavier". Upgrades would determine which enemies are susceptible (Flying/Lightweight->Mediumweight->Heavyweight).

    I can't think of a final ability.