New Condition for activating your outpost.

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I don't mind dangerous and hard-to-complete outposts, but if one were to fill the entire room with an army of armored guards with no way for me to survive, or have a bunch of traps shoot at me at the same time, that's not a fun outpost, that's an impossible death trap.

I have seen a lot of different outposts and I have to abandon quite a few of them since I can't possibly see how to run that outpost, and for those times when I need to die 20+ times just to reach that conclusion, that's just boring.

So, my suggestion, you need to test-run your outpost before you can activate it at all.

If you can't do that and the entire outpost is impossible to even run, then it won't activate.

If the outposts cant be cleared, then why have it out for challengers to begin with? I aim to make fun, but challenging outposts, and I really enjoy those outposts that are built with a similar mindset. Sure, there are more rewards to have if you have more kills than people clearing your outpost, but why should the outposts available for the community be impossible to clear?

Let the Makers run the outpost at least once and get away with the genmat for them to activate them.


  • StarlessDreams
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    To be honest in my opinion they have a category system for brutal that category system in my opinion is for players who want to play the impossible bass to get through.

    But I don't know what do I know?

  • MrTrixer
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    These kind of outposts are not just in the brutal category, that's why I want this extra condition before activating the outpost.

    Why should I waste all that time on a base that is impossible to capture? Then I rather play another game or raid another outpost instead.

    Its not fun getting killed again and again after all.

  • Seraphor
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    Forcing builders to re-beat their level every single time they make a change to it would be tedious. Who would have time to raid other outposts when you spend all you time raiding your own?

    Also players have different skill levels. One player might be great at building elaborate artistic outposts, but suck at raiding, so they could never build a hard level.

    The Harvester ensures the level is beatable, and while it may take a certain load out and playstyle, almost every level is beatable. The issue is the difficulty ratings, truly difficult levels should be limited to the brutal category, meanwhile levels that aren't anywhere near difficult shouldn't be classed as Brutal simply because they used a lot of traps. This would take a lot of work to get right but it's something that is feasible, unlike forcing players to beat their level every time they change something.

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    Mario Maker figured this out years ago. It may be tedious to replay your level when you tweak something, but it shouldn't be too bad if you've designed it and you know the intended route.

  • RicSimane
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    This could just be optional for any builder who wants it.

    But keep in mind that compared to Mario Maker this is a 3D game. Nothing stops builder from creating a killbox and then creating a hidden secret entrance that only the builder knows about just to beat the level super fast and skip the killbox.

  • MrTrixer
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    The harvester doesn't activate the traps and guards, just because it can walk in and out of its own outpost doesn't make it beatable.

    I'm talking about outposts like the one that put 20+ plasma bolt traps with aoe shots and grappling hooks in one big room and the pathway between them and a lot of corrosive cubes on the floor, I'm talking about the one where traps block your path, corrosive cubes as the walls and suicide guards with explosive units dropping down on you left and right while timing it for your shields to run out.

    So, you say that the creators shouldn't waste their time running their own map? Then why should the rest of us waste our time running unplayable maps? I don't wanna go to an outpost just to get slaughtered over and over before finally giving up dude. That's not fun to me, its a major waste of time and makes you wanna stop playing.

  • TragicSolitude
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    BHVR has already said they don't want to annoy and stifle Builders by requiring them to complete their own maps. No one wants to re-run their base every time they make a change; there was one day I literally would've had to run my base 20 times. And I'd have to leave my bases practically devoid of guards: I've quit a lot of bases that have a room with multiple guards that are probably easy for other people but not me because I miss too many shots. The way a lot of players talk, they seem to prefer Outposts with guards to trap-only Outposts.

    Rather than forcing Builders to beat their own maps, which at best marginally solves one issue and will definitely create others, it'd be better to implement a solution that addresses multiple issues in the game. There needs to be a tagging system so Raiders don't end up going to Outposts they have no interest in. There have been complaints about killboxes and mazes, but some players do enjoy those: if players were able to avoid Outposts they won't enjoy playing on in the first place that would solves a lot of issues. Also, Rank penalties need to be completely removed so that Builders aren't punished for creating non-killbox Outposts and so that Raiders aren't punished for dying or leaving.

    Between the grind and the emphasis BHVR has put on getting kills, they've sapped a lot of the fun out of the game. They have made it so that some Builders are focused on killing to an unhealthy degree ("Raiders are quitting my base after a single death and it's not fair"). The maps are becoming what they are because the mechanics and reward system push players into it. I don't know why BHVR has such a hard time promoting challenging AND fun gameplay, but they do.