Base names are not unique?

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I have a currently active base named 'Wolf Lake'.

Saw reddit post that another player has a base called 'Wolf Lake'.

Is this true/correct/real? 9 days may have been long enough for the builder to prestige the base up to 10 and destroy it I suppose.

Of not, this could cause issues with people being like 'Don't raid base (name X)', without clarifying the builder name.

I had considered that even after retirement a base name could have a bad reputation, because they obivously will need to be recycled (there are only so many cities in the world); but the same name active at the same time? 'That boes ill for Jack; and what bodes ill well for Jack, bodes ill for us all.'

If this is true, I guess I know why sometimes decent bases get no uses; there might be a really nasty bad base (likely using esploits and really rude killboxes) with the same name that is getting 'cancelled' by the community, and having the same name takes the other base down with it.

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  • HangryMogwai
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    Yep, outpost names are reused. The other day someone was looking for people to test their outpost on the community run discord and in searching for it, there were already four other active Social outposts with the same name.

  • TragicSolitude
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    Have people been thinking the Outpost names are unique? The Outpost name is just randomly pulled from a list of real-world locations. Putting an Outpost name into the Social search will usually bring up more than one instance.

    This is why things like shaming and "hey, watch out for X Outpost" are dangerous.