Splatter Cube

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I really believe that splatter cube needs to be looked at. I'm not sure what the original intention for it was, but it is basically harmless in almost every way. For anyone who doesn't have it, when shot the cube will spit a glob of acid. The issue I'm seeing is that the cube spits one shot in a clockwise pattern (a lot of key words there). The spit has barely any velocity or targeting. The clockwise pattern is bewildering. I would like to suggest a reflection shot so the projectile will launch at the same angle and direction it was hit. Or increasing the splash radius. Or let us be able to manually activate it with other traps. To be fair I could just be using it wrong but I simply cannot find a use for it.


  • RicSimane
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    I also can't find use for it. Sometimes I take it if I use corrosive cubes as an entrance to a room, but it's more of an annoyance than anything that has ever killed someone.

    I would change this to actually splash acid in all directions.

  • chezpizza
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    Its situational that for sure. I have seen this trap augment kill a raider in a duo raid when they both shoot through the augmented cube. Most times though I have seen it do nothing except cause panic in the raider and they trip another trap.

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    I had the same issue, it was one of the first augment I bought because I intended to use a tracking bolt trap to land into a cube behind the player as they flee, so that the fire would block their way backward and then force them to fight the second salvo of bolts head on, but... bolt doesnt trigger it?

    Guards triggers it, but it's so inconsistent I can't make it work.

    Player triggers it, but i can't see a moment where a player would shoot through a cube from point blank, unless I put a very obvious guard "Ready to be killed" right behind one?

    If so, that an extremely situational mod, and I hate every bit of it.

  • BillSimmons
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    It's tough to earn kills with the mod since it works just like the full size corrosive cube, a player needs to stand in the splatter for about a second before being killed. What's worked in my experience was a grapple hook that holds you in place with multiple other combo traps including a corrosive cube with splatter.

    It takes a lot to get it to perform well, grapple, a projectile source, distraction trap, then an adjacent corrosive cube with splatter, and that's only if the grapple reels the player in.

    An easier setup with lower overall performance is bomb ejector near corrosive splatter cube. Bomb ejector is going to greatly outperform the corrosive cube, but that small extra danger splatter brings can help.

  • MythicMikeneto
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    I ran into a base that was using the 'cube post gen mat line of sight' exploit with the cubes above.

    I shot through the cube to get the flame trap behind it on the ceiling... and splat a face full of corrosive.

    If the base wasnt abusing the exploit, I would have given an 'ingenious' accolade for setting up a corrosive cube splatter that got me.

  • MadMoeZel
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    there are only 2 situations i've found value from splatter. with chaos bombs bouncing into it to generate acid, or with it behind the player so when an enforcer misses it generates a puddle. if you come up with more, let me know.

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    you wouldn't have shot the cube if he hadn't had the trap behind the acid there.????? so he wouldn't have gotton the cube kill????

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    When grappling stright down through one cube, the splatter goes up, the comes down on the raider, with close to 90% accuracy, chaining the corrosive damage from the pass throigh, resulting in a kill.

    You might ask, " Why woud anyone grapple down through a cube?" A visible tomb just below a cube is a surprisingy effective bait for just such a scenario.

    On the other note, I would (and often do) shoot things throught cubes that are not directly behind thrm, but nobody uses splatter.

    Transversely, the community calls the post gen mat cube and exploit. I havent seen any confirmation from behavior that it is not working as inteded. Until the devs confim or deny the post gen mat cube as an 'exploit' I personally efrain from using it and will not reward anything to anyone due to them using the so called 'exploit'

    I have seen now a comment from MYM official, on a you tube video) saying the post gen mat cor cube is in fact not working as intended (exploit) and they are looking into correcting it.

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  • MadMoeZel
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    i encountered this exact situation earlier and uhh yeah. it got me. XD found the value finally