Lost 13,791 rank points for abandoning an outpost.. this right?

Reptile Member Posts: 24

This seems a little steep.. I was at an outpost that did the whole flamers hidden behind corrosive blocks with pistons along the corridor.. you know the ones... so decided I would just quite it and do some actual fun outposts... I now have a screenshot of a -13,791 rank point....

Is this right??


  • H1Y0
    H1Y0 Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 10

    Pretty sure it's a funny visual bug. Have you played another level after that? I don't think it goes down nearly as much as it claims.

  • Tsulan
    Tsulan Member Posts: 15,061

    Visual bug when you quit and block a player.

    Next match you should have the normal rank points.

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,549

    Obviously a bug. It would be a garbage game if that was intended.

  • drsoontm
    drsoontm Member Posts: 3,909

    Hopefully a bug. I've abandoned about half the outpost I've tried this evening, and reported almost half of these (for various crap, lava thing, ...). It would annoy me even more than the almost-zero visits on my outpost.

  • RaidenHusky
    RaidenHusky Member Posts: 35

    Thats not what you should be reporting is just lava "exploits"