Two points about outposts.

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Dear MYM design team. There are two points about outpost design and building that I should address.

First, the depletion time, (again).

The current depletion time of ten days (or even less) is ridiculous and wrong in too many ways. While I understand the rationale behind the mechanic, that makes builders renew the outposts\levels pool, such a short time is too discouraging to really invest time to make something worthy. Recently I see more and more outposts like this -

- and I cannot even blame those people. It takes time and effort to design and build a good dungeon. It's trial and error, a lot of thought and even planning and drawing sketches and schemes. And currently, the base is depleted earlier than you even have a chance to play with it enough and get bored.

Dear developers, you are designers - you should have some respect for other people's efforts to make interesting levels. Currently, the outpost lifespan not only makes our effort pointless but also misleading regarding the game's promotion - there is no trailer or video, that says "You can build deadly and beautiful bases but only for a week or so, cause get lost it's why".

Second - the difficulty calculation. There are no complaints about the current system itself - I get that it's probably the most simple and sane way to calculate outpost difficulty level. But please, make it more transparent and consistent. There are too many cases that adding one augmentation makes the difficulty level skyrocket, and you need to get rid of two-tree traps to get it to the original value.

Those are two points that make an otherwise great game feel much less appealing than it should be. I think that co-creation is one of the main points of Meet Your Maker and it's important to help and encourage players to invest effort in making great adventures - and constantly improve the game itself.

Best regards

Your humble builder.


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    The first wouldn't be a problem if Social raids were more incentivised and accessible, giving a second and unlimited life to any truly 'good' raids. If Mastered outposts could be entered into a 'Social Pool' when they've finished their run, and there was some kind of incentive to run them such as a daily or weekly bonus, maybe with some kind of 'highest rated' filter as well, then it would be worthwhile. You'd get 10 prestige levels to develop your outpost, then promote it to Social afterwards.

  • Ilya_Lizard
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    I tend to believe that the fast depletion still gonna be a problem, despite any social raids improvements. Social raids, as a whole concept, are not part of the game itself and do not feel rewarding, or important.

  • Seraphor
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    People run active raids for the rewards.

    So give rewards for social raids, even in a limited capacity. Something like the Champion Outposts that you can run roughly ever 2nd or 3rd raid (depending on difficulty level), give us a similar pay off for choosing a social raid (of your choice, which would be have to be easier to find) once per day or something like that. Combine this with a lesser reward for having your social bases raided, and then outposts wouldn't be 'dead' once relegated to Social.