Master Rank

Hi! I hit Master rank yesterday, does anyone know what determines your position in the Master rank? It doesn't appear to be your rank points as my friend has far less ranking points than I do but they ranked at position 392 when they hit Masters, I ranked at position 988 when I hit Masters, anyone know?


  • Killa_KIA_Clown
    Killa_KIA_Clown Member Posts: 20

    I have a feeling its average Raid/death ratio with score factoring into it. Hit master today at 280 on ranking up. Left it at 250 after raiding a little while afterwards

  • Amaroq64
    Amaroq64 Member Posts: 97

    What's the rank before master? Is it gold or something above gold?

  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

    i don't have evidence to back this up, only my observations.

    i came in at M512, i am currently M150. one of my friends intentionally tried to de-rank out of masters and even intentionally failing and losing rank they were going up in position.

    i do think that it's counting your rank points. but i don't know how heavily it weighs them. i can gain rank points and lose position, i can lose rank points and gain position.

    i think that the position you have displayed is a comparison to others but i'm not positive on how. that said, i do not know of any player higher rank than me that has less rank points, or any player lower rank than me that has more rank points. happy to compare for data collection