Outpost Depletion speed preventing Prestige

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I can't seem to prestige past 3 or 4. I noticed Normal difficulty outposts get more traffic, so I dropped my traps way down to meet normal requirements. Still the depletion time is so short that I can't prestige. Yes more kills , BUT it's hard to get such high quantities of kills with Normal difficulty bases. I have evem tried experimenting with the time of day or night that I activate my outpost, to optimize the times of high traffic. Doesn't work. Help !! I love this game and it has been replaced with the game of figuring out how to prestige past 4.


  • PinkiePie
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    I'm going to speak from my experiance I don't consider myself an excellent builder but just think I'm ok. I have several normal outposts that have achieved prestige 10 with average of 4 kills.

    The visual plays a big part in attracting people, then you'll have to understand how the players think. There is no real magic formula, you have to test things.

    -> Monsters give easy kills when used properly.

    -> Playing with treasure helps.

    -> You have to make trap combos and avoid isolated traps.

    -> Pistons tend to work well on new players, they look at it and forget to look behind them.

    -> People tend to start being vigilant when they enter the base, it is possible to trap them before

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    Thank you !

  • hastarkis
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    I should add that accolades also give you prestige points. Try to get them too, by decorating the appearance and avoiding cheese tactics. Boltshots with hunter mod and acid cubes work well on normal (for new players).

    Also you can check time of raids in your replay station and activate your base several times for couple hours each aiming at most crowded hours (if you can determine those).

    But I believe those bases are cursed x) Good luck with that.

  • Cyba_Zero
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    If it helps, I stumbled upon a 'reset' feature that allows you to refill GenMat if you don't gain the points to prestige (such as due to lack of raiders), giving you more time to gather the requisite prestige points. It appears in the same place you would ordinarily see the prestige option - ie on the prestige screen once you enter the base in question. I stumbled on this today when my new castle base that I spent ages building (large 3500 capacity, considered brutal even though it really isn't that hard because I still need more capacity from prestiging owing to spending most of it on making it pretty/thematic) failed to get enough visitors to have much chance of ranking (k/d is around 4ish).

  • MadMoeZel
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    the reset function is prestiege without gaining a level or bonus capacity. it charges the synthite still. but yes this is correct, you can refill a outpost that failed prestiege.

  • Cyba_Zero
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    Although sadly, I have noticed it also resets any points towards your next prestige your base had accumulated, which if lack of visitors is the issue isn't very helpful if the issue is continuous.