Abbandoning a raid

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This can be seen as ranting, complaining or feedback, I don't really care at this point.

I got a champion outpost where the first thing I saw was a Piston trap that killed the dog, the outpost was a labyrinth with at least 7 different entrances and pathways, all painted the same way that most builders use to show you the path to the tombs where you can get a little extra treasure while raiding.

I pretty quickly grew bored and decided to abandon the raid, why should I spend so much time figuring out what path was the correct one? The dog was dead so I had no choice but to try and find the way myself after all.

The result? I went from silver rank down to bronze, over 6000+ ranking points were lost by that single outpost alone.

The next outpost I did? i was rewarded 68 points.

So by abandoning an outpost I didn't wanna play, I lost roughly the progress of around 100 raids if I've done the math correctly, how is that reasonable?

There are plenty of deathtraps and unreasonable outposts out there that players sometimes don't wanna play, I don't know that much about the ranking to be honest, but why the heck the punishment must be so severe is something I just don't understand.


  • Seraphor
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    It's not reasonable, or correct. Abandoning should only lose you about 10 or so rank points, not 6000+.

    It could be a visual bug where it said you lost 6000, but you didn't actually lose that much.

  • MrTrixer
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    Nope, i lost over 6000 points and was even downgraded to bronze 2, I was silver before that and now I have over 5000 points until I hit silver again.

    I did 2-3 raids after that but I'm still far from silver rank, so I'm 100% sure its not a visual glitch.

    If I had known that it wasn't normal then I would've taken a screenshot..

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    Someone else reported dropping over 6500 points in one raid abandon

    Needless to say, the ranking system is effin' bad and broken.

  • MrTrixer
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    Im not even sure what the ranking system is for, the only guide I got was the one on building some simple traps on the first outpost.

    (And even that one was kinda bad.)

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    I abandoned a base for the exact reason yesterday and lost 35000 points. Haha. Thankfully it was a visual bug and my points were given back to me when I loaded up my sanctuary. That's awful your points did not return!

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    Well, i have mostly stopped playing the game so I'm not that bothered by it anymore. It got too stressful trying to earn enough currency to keep all of my outposts running and buying upgrades that I want.

    But yeah, even to this day I'm still at bronze, no refunds of those points so far. :/

  • MadameExotine
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    With how grindy it is to Rank up,... there should be NO penalty for raiders abandoning or even dying too much on an outposts. It should be bottom capped at 0.

    Builders don't rank down! And neither should Raiders. Without rank down penalties, raiders can actually appreciate harder bases, without worrying about losing rank.

    Like I remember I was on a very impressively designed base (artistic+smart+fun+brutal), but abandoned it after getting killed a few too many times, because I didn't want to rank down. I would have LOVED to keep playing on that base, but would have been punished by game design if I had stayed. 😓

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    Builders don't rank down!

    Builders rank down. If your base doesn't get enough kills, it definitely subtracts points. If it happens while you're in a raid, then it'll be combined with your rank points from the raid. Otherwise, it's in that popup screen in the Sanctuary that shows the stats of your current active Outposts.

     there should be NO penalty for raiders abandoning or even dying too much on an outposts

    The devs are definitely looking at fixing half of that. From the AMA that was posted today:

    "If you start an Outpost that you don’t like the look of – you have the option to leave it. We've heard the feedback that this is detrimental to your Ranking, and we will be changing this to no longer subtract Ranking points for abandoning an Outpost – this change is planned within the next couple weeks."


  • MadameExotine
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    Yay, happy to hear some of those changes are coming!

    What is the minimum amount of kills an outpost needs in order to not lose rank points? (I must've been just above the cut off line to ever see it). If that is a thing, I hope devs make it so builders never lose rank points. Alot of time goes into building compared to raiding.

  • TragicSolitude
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    What is the minimum amount of kills an outpost needs in order to not lose rank points?

    I wish I knew. I sometimes get blind sided by the rank loss when it comes to Outposts. I'm not even sure it's consistent. Some people have suggested rank or level comes into play, but I haven't heard anything definite.

    I think I saw on the pop-up screen that one Outpost with a single raid where the Raider didn't die lost me 30 rank points, and three raids in a row where the Raiders didn't die lost me 90 rank points. That's deathless, though. If they had died once, I'm not sure what it would've been, but I'm pretty sure it still would've lost points. The kill ratio the game expects seems to be pretty high according to others.

    Alot of time goes into building compared to raiding.

    Yeah, it's extremely discouraging to put a lot of time into building a base and then see it get dumped on by the ranking system for reasons you don't even fully understand.

    To be fair, some Raiders can put a lot of time into defeating a single Outpost. Some Builders have replays of over a hundred deaths from a single Raider who kept trying for hours until they beat it. And that dedicated Raider lost rank points for their effort. It's a horrible system all around.

  • MadameExotine
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    😡 Oomph, just got -10 ranks point (at bronze III) for getting 22 kills on my outpost with only 2 escapes (4 deaths on a coop pair who escaped, and 1 death on a pro raider who escaped,.. the rest were give ups; at 11 deaths before one give up, and about 1-3 on others) --normal difficulty outpost

    I am really curious to know how this is calculated now. Do builders rank down for give ups or are do give up death just not count towards rank?

  • MadMoeZel
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    for the people losing rank in outposts, what prestiege are your outposts, are they set to active, or overdrive, how often is genmat collected, how many people quit at 1 or 0 deaths without really trying, what difficulty is the dungeon you suspect of losing you rank? if you can provide this information, we might be able to spot a pattern in what causes rank loss from outposts

  • MadameExotine
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    I collected rewards twice from my one active outpost today, here were the results:

    The outpost is on normal difficulty/small size, Prestige 4, when active it was set on overdrive. My Rank is Bronze III.

    First time I checked and reset it: I got -10 Rank Points, 22 (registered) Kills; here is the breakdown;

    [Raider A: 9 deaths on replay, Rage Quit,.. kills become 0❌] [Raider B: 1 death, escape] [Raider C: 3 deaths on replay, Rage Quit,.. kills become 0❌] [Raider D: 11deaths, give up] [Raider E: 3 deaths, give up] [Raider F: 2 deaths, give up] [Coop Raiders G+H: 4 deaths for H, escape] [Raider I: 1 death, give up] I got 2 accolades for artistic and Ingenious

    Second time I checked it, on depletion: I got +163 Rank Point, 21 Kills, here is the breakdown;

    [Raider A: 5 deaths, gives up] [Coop Raiders B+C: 6 and 9 deaths, escape] [Raider C: 1 death, escape] I got 2 accolades for fun and Ingenious

    Seeing how it was the exact same outpost, I think the Rage Quits (I marked with ❌) have something to do with this!!

    From what I've heard, if a raider Rage Quits by closing app, instead of exiting outpost, it takes all kills away from builder. I am not sure if this is why some of the kill I see in replays are not given/show as 0, or if there is hacking, or bug issues. Whatever it is, it made me lose -10 rank points at 22 kills, when compared to gaining 163 rank points at 21 kills without any "Rage Quits" on the same outpost, with all other variables being the same.

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    I have a strong suspicion overdrive plays a hefty part in the rank change but i still need more information to verify it. thanks for providing all the data <3 i'm sure we can get to the bottom of this if we all work together :)