Trap idea "Turbine"

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a giant fan that after the raider triggers it will begin to push them away in the direction it is facing either to the side or launching them upward if its on the floor and prevent them from jumping high if its on the ceiling above them.

much like the claw trap it will trigger again and again until destroyed.

it can also push bombs, guards and their corpses in there facing direction.

here are some modification ideas.

  • Inverted flow

makes the turbine pull instead of push

  • Faulty sensor

a zero cost mod that makes the turbine trap activate automatically like the death piston

  • blender

even while inactive the fan will still spin slowly and raiders will die if they touch the trap

  • well oiled

reduces the trigger time so it activates sooner

  • wind tunnel

pushes the raider farther and faster

  • jet stream

will activate instantly if the raider touches it

  • second wave

because of course

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