special end of season rewards

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due to the unwillingness of a large portion of players to even attempt many bases, i think it's only fair to reward those players that don't shy away from danger with an exclusive bonus at the end of the season.

the spirit of the game is to raid the most diabolical and brutal bases for glory (and genmat). however, this spirit is tainted by the current system of grinding low level, low difficulty bases to achieve the same end result.

so for those players that make it to the high rankings after completing a specific number of high difficulty bases (brutal and brutal champion) and stay there while continuing to do so - i think they deserve a special reward to properly show their willingness to overcome all obstacles for glory (and genmat).


going forward - i think it would be better for the rank system if there was a rank points multiplier for back to back completions (without abandoning). low level bases might have a facto of 1 or 0 (as 0•n=0) and higher difficulty might have a factor of 2 or more. you could multiply this factor by the completions value to get a bonus.


  • magic1236
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    another thing they could do is simply a sort of leaderboard for each type of base. So most normal basses completed, most dangerous bases completed, and most brutal bases completed. Can be separated between co op and solo

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    If someone gets to master rank and stays there, regardless of what levels they're grinding, they should get whatever the rewards are. Special season ending rewards favoring one thing over another should never be included.

    Special rewards should be tied to winning tournaments if they ever implement a feature like that.

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    because grinding 10,000 normal bases is the same as grinding 1000 brutal bases.

    my point is there needs to be a different structure for the players that take the easier path to be distinguished from those that are actually good at raiding.

    just because a player has a ton of free time doesn't mean they're good at raiding. normal maps by definition cannot have more than a few hundred capacity of traps.