Suggestion for Cell sink

MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

Community wide event where players can donate cells to the hunt for the cure, an ammount of cells that each player can donate to get specific benefits for their outposts like double the genmat harvested from outpost passive income for a time, or slowing the rate of outpost decay. then when the entire community as a whole has contributed an amonut of cells as a whole the entire game triggers a repeatable event for all players that doubles all rewards for raiding and deaths in bases.


  • zbord
    zbord Member Posts: 18

    Weird, but cells are currently my lowest resource. They're hovering around 3000 while my parts are 10000+ and synthite just over 9000 (it adds up when not buying, reseting or the like)

    I'd actually like more uses for parts.

  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

    once you unlock all your content, they pile up because there isn't a way to consume them rapidly.

  • Seraphor
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    edited May 2023

    I find it odd how much cells are thrown at you.

    • Every Chimera level up gives you 500 cells, versus 250 of the others.
    • Tribute levels practically rain from the sky.

    Sure this helps the initial grind a little, but then it becomes superfluous.

    I think Chimera level up should only give your 250 like the others.

    Tribute levels need to change somehow, it's odd that you get to level 7 then just refresh over and over again. I'd go so far as to cap Tribute at level 7 entirely, and raise the rewards for those limited levels. Instead of 40-75, make it 400 to 750, double the EXP required to make the grind take slightly longer, then cap it completely at 7. Further updates could then raise this cap to account for additional content to unlock, and perhaps come with lore dumps too, so the next DLC pack that comes out also comes with the base-game upgrade including Tribute level 9 and a bunch of lore.