The first DLC should be free and here is why.

I am a PS5 user, I just read that on PlayStation less than 200 people are playing a day. Steam users have dropped as well but I don't know an exact figure. The game was made with far too little content as are most games made now. As soon as the game drops there is already a dlc right behind it waiting to get more money. I am glad that I got the game for free because the game isn't worth $70, $55 or $24.99. Not that the game isn't good because it is, if the ship can get corrected it will be a success. They need to make dreadshore free to get fans back on board with the game. The devs also need another roadmap after dreadshore and need to explain how long support for the game will continue. Dreadshore and the base game are the equivalent of what it should have been at launch. They may want to let modders help for PS5 and PC if that's what it takes to get people playing the game. Make more cosmetics and deco packs at $8.99, not $14.99- I laughed when I seen that for the one deco pack they have. I've put 115 hours into the game and I wouldn't pay that still. I can only imagine the dlc will be $45 lol. Just my thoughts.


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    sup steam player here.

    the steam playerbase is below 100 players now sits around 60. peak times sometimes gets a little over 100. im pretty sure the dlc is free its just the cosmetic dlc is what will cost money.

  • toaru
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    from looking at the road map :

    1 new environment, deco: insta free for all

    2 guard, trap, weapon, custodian: playtime currency /paid

    3 cosmetic? Paid

    so point 2 is probably like dbd dlc(non collab), buy to get the character or pay with ingame currency

    point 3 idk as we dont have so much cosmetics, probably some skins to the custodians that you can only get from paying

  • Dreamnomad
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    It's a tough thing. If they work hard to make new content and just give it away for free then how are they going to earn enough money to justify the continued costs to make new content? Personally, I'm fine with buying a DLC every 3-4 months or whatever as long as the quality is good and the price isn't too high. Knowing BHVR the price point will be around 7-10 dollars. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what they have in store for us.

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    It is a tough thing, they don't have to do it all the time but they need people to play the game to buy the product. It's a rocky start, I do not doubt this game could be something special. This is the only game I've ever got into the forums on. I personally love it. I will keep the faith.

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    the Cosmetics paid will be like the deco pack that came out same day as released.

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    "The first DLC should be free and here is why."

    "I am glad that I got the game for free"

    "They need to make dreadshore free"

    so you didn't pay for the game, and you don't want to pay for the dlc. then don't pay. you aren't required to buy anything. people did work to make the content you're playing and deserve to be rewarded for it.

    "i got the game free, the next part should be free"

    free players on ps5 quit, why do you think that giving them dlc for free would be any different? we don't need people who want free things, we need players who want to play the game, put in work, get good at the game, and complete challenging content. people who want stuff handed to them, need not apply.