Which Trap Mods Exceeded Your Expectations?

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Which mods did you read at first and think to yourself "meh" but once you used it, it turned out to be quite good? For me, an example would be the Burning Piston mod. When I first read it, I thought "what's the point? If you are running into pistons then you are probably going to die anyway." But no, it's actually a really strong mod. Hell, it's my favorite Death Piston mod now.


  • Hodderfodder
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    What circumstances do raiders just run into burning pistons?

    Double down for bolts. Definitely the "meh" at first. But players have trained themselves to step out, wait for the arrows, then charge down the hallway and then die.

  • Dreamnomad
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    That was the logic I used initially too. But it is deceptively powerful. Think about when you use pistons in the first place. You use them to keep raiders from rushing through your kill zone right? So the raider is trying to hurry past a bunch of dangerous stuff and they sometimes run into an extended piston while reloading or whatever. Even if the raider notices that it is a red hot piston, that plays against them psychologically which can cause them a second of hesitation which can be enough to make them die to another trap. If you haven't actually tried the mod then I'd recommend giving it a shot.

  • MadMoeZel
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    i run face first into them all the time. i move fast enough that a piston can trigger out of my audio range, and i run around the corner and into it before it's had another run, so it just smashes me because i never knew it was there as i rounded a corner at mach 5

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    The mod for the impaler that makes the spikes stay out longer. When I first saw it I was like "what is the point of that"? But yesterday I went against a base that used it and found it the spikes stay out for a really long time. This led to me realizing that they can be used like an inverse of the death piton. The death piton is good for making sure someone doesn't rush through an area, and the impaler with this mod can be used to make sure someone has a harder time retreating from an area.

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    Dubble down, hunter and relentless I love thoes mods for my traps. I've had more projectile kills than bombs.