New licensed killer idea - The Terrifier

lynelmane Member Posts: 549

I just finished watching The Terrifier with my boyfriend tonight. Great horror movie, 8/10, would recommend.

Watching it gave us a great idea for a new killer - The Terrifier! The spooky clown guy who murders everyone and cannot die. It was great and surprisingly did not totally rely on jumpscares to be scary. The clown's face was enough to spook me.

It is gory though, but that isn't required for it to work in DBD.

Killer name: The Terrifier

Ability: Art's Wrath

When a survivor looks at the killer, they gain Terror and their Terror meter fills up. Survivors cannot see their own or other survivor's terror meters. When a survivor's Terror meter becomes full, they gain the Exposed status effect for 40 seconds. (can be increased with addons) A survivor's terror meter drains to 25% after each time it fills up and is used. (can be increased with addons)

A survivor only needs to see the killer with their camera. The Terror meter fills up 50% slower during chase.

When a survivor's Terror meter fills up past 50%, skill check circles are darkened by 50% and the skill check alert is delayed (similar to Huntress Lullaby with 3 tokens).

The killer's terror radius is 24 meters at base. The killer's speed is 115% (4.6 m/s)

Weapon: either a long knife OR a piece of chain with barbed wire on the end (would swing like the Plague's censer)

Mori: either the killer will shoot a survivor in the face 6 times with a handgun, OR will whip them to death with the barbed chain.

Prestige clothing below

(but bloody, of course)

I hope you guys like this idea :)