New Dead By Daylight Character!

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This is a character that I've created myself, let me know what you think! (The art is by my friend)

Question to answer: Would you use any of her perks in a build? If so, what build?

Surviver name: Haley Pierce


Haley Pierce is a popular Stunt Artist from Los Angeles. She's known for several well-known movies. She's been in comedies, thrillers, action, and her most recent, horror. While she was looking over her lines, she was being hooked up to a fork lift for a scene where she has to jump off of it and roll back onto the floor. She put down her papers and gave the thumbs up to be lifted. The camera men got into position as soon as Haley was in place. They began rolling when all of a sudden, the forklift malfunctioned. It violently shook Haley around, and despite their efforts to help her, the fork lift was too violent. As everybody backed away, Haley began to notice a dark mist form around her, before the forklift exploded. Everybody looked away and covered their faces. After the smoke cleared, they searched everywhere for Haley, but to no avail. She had just disappeared.


Tuck And Roll

The thick fog surrounds you, allowing you to duck out of sight for 5/10/15 seconds.

Tuck and roll activates every 60 seconds when injured.

"You want me to do what now?" -Haley Pierce

Meet & Greet

The wind howls loudly as you near danger.

Meet & Greet allows you to avoid the killer by listening to how intense the wind gets for 30/60/80 seconds. The louder the wind, the closer the killer.

Meet & Greet triggers every 80/60/30 seconds.

"Nice to meet you." -Haley Pierce

Jump Rope

All your years in the industry give you the knowledge of how to work with your colleagues.

While in a chase, nearby survivors equip the haste status effect. They vault windows and pallets 5/10/20% faster.

"Yeah, I know what to do. " -Haley Pierce


Head: Haley

Long natural hazelnut brown hair, complete with neat bangs.

Head 2: Long black hair with a few pink strands. Perfect for a night at the studio.

Chest: Heavy techwear

Pitch black denim Techwear top complete with black knuckle gloves and arm braces

Chest (2):

Legs: Techwear straps

Black techwear pants with black straps and zipper-pockets scattered on the sides, complete with a pair of red and black Air Jordans. Perfect for the stunt business.

Legs (2): Bruised Plum

Purple techwear pants with black straps and zipper pockets scattered on the sides, complete with a pair of blue Air Jordans. Perfect for the stunt business. 

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