What is your most recent proud moment in dbd?

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For me, it was my five minute chase against s Huntress today, my build was OoO, spine chill, DS and Unbreakable. Three people escaped (me included because she dropped chase on me and wouldn’t chase me again)

@Mushwin was in the match and she did all five gens with help from a Laurie. :)

What is your proudest dbd moment?



  • immortalls96
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    I made my survivor buddies shocked that I a "killer main" baited and dodged a demogorgan so long a 3 person rough game turned into a total blowout

    Outside the game..I came up with a massive idea to reshape keys and moris to affect the game more positively

  • GrootDude
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    We need to play sometime and ye, she’s on PS4. :)

    I think we’ve all had that moment. :P

  • Mushwin
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  • PistolTimb
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    I found a God loop on Lery's and looped a Billy for 3 minutes straight. He facecamped me while everybody else escaped :^)

  • twistedmonkey
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    Playing versus a good Freddy solo.

    Two of us left and they were in a chase while I finished the last gen and was injured. I ran and opened the door while they were hooked so they knew where it was.

    I snuck over but was spotted and managed to unhook just before Freddy downed me and chased the other. I counted on this happening as I had unbreakable but wanted to at least try and give the other a chance.

    When they went down again and were being picked up I got up and ran to open the door. The other person unknown to myself had DS and we both managed to escape.

    At the end game all three of us had nice chat and laugh and wished each other gl in future matches.

  • [Deleted User]
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    The moment 10 seconds ago. I finally uninstalled.


    The toxic players, and the extremely one sided unfair matches did it for me, I finally realized I wasn't having fun in about 9/10 of my games, so that kinda defeats the purpose of playing a video game.

  • ThisGuuy83
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    My latest was being looped,tbagged and clicky-clicky'd at a pallet w myers. But they didn't know I was almost at 3 with the Tombstone piece. Sweet, sweet revenge.

    Rule #32: Enjoy the little things

  • Mattie_MayhemOG
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    4K with Nurse on Xbox

  • iBetClaudette
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    Got my first rage-quit against a Mori equipped Legion last night in the Yamaoka map. It was an epic feeling seeing "Host Disconnected". Almost double pipped as well.

  • Kycer
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    Quitting the game until it gets optimized on console. I’m not even joking.

  • JC316
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    Had a guy being an overall pain in my butt. I was playing wraith and I couldn't catch him because of his looping skills. He also kept chain blinding me at pallets and then vanishing into thin air. I had two people dead when the generators finished. Caught flashlight guy and a claudette at the gate. I downed claudette and took her to the basement, but no sign of flashlight guy. While chasing him, I had seen the hatch, very near to the door they were at, so I knew he was leaving her to die.

    Waited until she was seconds from dying, then booked it to the hatch where flashlight guy was waiting. I body blocked the hatch, closed it, then killed him. It was glorious. He was a little salty.

    Close second was getting a 2K, should have been a 3K if not for an impossible to win moment with DS, against a team of rank 2's against my rank 9.

  • Nutty_Professor
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    Wasn't too recent but I made eight killers disconnect in one day at rank 1. One of those days where I was on fire.

    Although the last time I played survivor (I've only played survivor three times this season, still got to rank 1 though), I made a trapper disconnect in the first minute of the game (again at rank 1).

  • AvisDeene
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    I'm terrible at getting chased and looping, but yesterday I was able to make Ghostface lose line of sight during a chase several times in the match. It was glorious. I still died in the end because he closed the hatch and camped the gates, but I was still happy that I was finally able to get away from a killer on my own.

  • Pulsar
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    Looped a Nurse for 5 gens and about 15 minutes. This is my proudest moment, and also my least proud, after the game I saw she was a rank 15 nurse with no perks :( :( :( I apologized profously.

  • LustForBP
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    I stalked a Freddy for a minute through the corn field after he tunneled my teammate. We lost, but it was a funny moment for my squad.

  • The_Second_Coming
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    Well, a couple days ago I prestiged Yui to P3. Spent 100k bloodpoints and the only good perks I got were Lithe, DS, Pharmacy and Plunderers. Not terrible, but I don't usually run any of them.

    Anyway, went against a Legion. A rank 3 legion who would only chase me for some reason. Like, he would enable his frenzy, and hit me over and over, and then after his post-frenzy stun, he's still chase me. Long story short, he finally downed me after 5 gens (yes, it took that long). I was hooked and the exit gates were opened right after. Teammate saved me with borrowed time, but he hooked me way far from the gates. The others were trying to body block for me so I wouldn't go down but he just wanted me. Cool, sure. He downed me, picked me up, and got hit with DS. Immediately disconnected.

    I'm not proud cause he disconnected, I'm proud because that's exactly what he deserved. He threw the game for himself by chasing one person with a killer designed to chase everyone at once.

  • Hopesfall
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    Adept Nurse on Xbox.. red ranks on Thompson House.. with the reworked version of Nurse -_-

    i gave up on that achievement until I got all the other killer adepts, so I had to force myself to do it.

  • Pulsar
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    I was a rank 3 Survivor :(

    Nobody on my team was lower than 7

  • Mister_xD
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    did all 5 gens against a totem camping ruin legion.

    on top of that i FINALLY got the Dark Sense gen challenge done with that.

    it felt so good...

  • GrootDude
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    I was rank one when I did my chase and my mates were purple and red.

  • ohheyitsbobcat
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    Looped a Ghostface for most of the game and got facecamped and t-bagged at endgame collapse. I had kindred so everyone could see him t-bagging and I found the entire experience hilarious. I ended up escaping as well when he went to smack someone else.

    I also looped a rank 1 Spirit to the point she dc'd when I was about to escape.

    I use around 10 or so different perks but my recent build is Spine Chill, Kindred, Windows, and DS. My looping ability has went up so much since using Windows, like I know good players don't need it and it's a waste but god damn has it helped me a ton in looping. ^_^

  • Mooshroome64
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    Was in a match as survivor, the killer was Clown and hard tunnelled a Steve until he died. A second teammate dced, leaving me and a Jane with 3 gens left. The Clown chased me all around the map multiple times, and I managed to loop him long enough for the Jane to complete all the gens. She opened the gate I was running to that I saw with my map so we both got out of that bad situation!

    I also got the Six Feet Under challenge very quickly! Hooked Ace in shack basement, gates got powered so NOED started working. A Dwight got caught in a shack trap and I picked him up (so they still didn't know I had NOED), then a Nancy tried to take a hit for the unhook and I got her too. Managed to find the Steve opening a gate by the preschool before he could escape, it took me a couple attempts to carry him to basement but I did it in the end!

  • Iron
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    Any time I can get over 2k chase points in a single run is a fun moment, it just gets all the sweeter when it's a high mobility killer like nurse or hillbilly. Although the proudest I think I felt was getting my adept huntress when I was on a hill and sniped the david running to the hatch. The adrenaline was unreal.

  • BlueFang
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    Back when Mettle of man was broken early in the year. I was playing Michael Myers on ormond and there was this really obnoxious Ash player. Dude was being disrespectful and obnoxious the whole game and he was able to get away with it because he had insta heal and mettle if all else failed. But he made one massive mistake, he brought Adrenaline and I had Rancor

    As the end of the match arrived I got lucky and downed two survivors right next to each other, and I got lucky with the hooks and I was able to walk between the both of them to stop any rescue. Ash came approaching from one side of the map, at that moment the other survivor finished the generators and Ash's Adrenaline proc'd. He had been wounded previously so his mettle would have protected him from the Rancor and allowed him to rescue the hooked survivor. Not anymore and let me tell you

    It felt PROPER

  • TAG
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    I got, like, six Reverse Bear Trap kills in one session today. That was pretty cool.

  • Boss
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    Landing an MYC attack in the last second.

  • SunderMun
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    Made a hard camping, tunneling, noed/ebony mori/iri head huntress rage quit after she failed to down me after about 5 reloads. That was fun. People who abuse that kind of crap deserve to feel bad about it, on both sides.

  • GrootDude
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  • X_Scott
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    I was chainsaw sprinting to the open exit gate, and the hill was in front of it. Like a skier, Billy flew over the slope and landed on a healing Feng Min. No skill, just chance, and it was hilarious

  • oxygen
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    Used the healing delay of the syringe to my advantage. A Jeff that had been showing everyone his key was slugged and the killer was chasing me, and instead of just picking him up and trading places I put my syringe in him and kept running. I went down, killer picked me up and he got to his feet just as the pickup started.

    Couldn't save me as the killer instantly dropped me and tried to get him, but he got to the hatch and left thanks to the extra distance the pickup + drop gave him. The add-on is really good for this particular situation, it's like a syringe with distilled Unbreakable in it.

  • Elk
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  • 28_stabs
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    My anti-swarm build punished an aggressive swf. Feels good.

  • Widowmaker8197
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    I was Feng Min and the exit hates were powered and opened. I flashlight saved Mr. Tapp and ran behind him, bodyblocking any hit the killer could try and get on him. We escaped and I was proud of myself.

  • kcwolf1975
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    I was dreading trying to do the 6ft under challenge and I got it on my first try this morning!

    Nothing too crazy, I had one already hooked in the basement and was bringing in a second and noticed a survivor trying to creep into a locker. That made for an easy third person hooked and BBQ showed me where the 4th person was.

    I didn't think I would get them to the basement but agitation and iron grasp made it happen!

  • justaSpirit_phase
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    Oh god I can’t even begin to say how happy I was that when I did the noed challenge the survivors congratulated me on doing so well early game and giving them fun chases (I hooked everyone twice and two peopl got hooked the third time, the other two I let leave) they messaged me after with positivity instead of salt. I’m not only proud of me but proud of them

  • humanbeing1704
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    only me and the another guy were left and I got chased long enough for him to do 2 gens

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    My team was getting wrecked by an Oni. One person was afk, one guy tried to free himself and went into struggle on second hook, and one guy was just unlucky. Soon it was just me and unlucky, with unlucky hooked in the basement. I tried to sneak in to save her, but got downed and hooked next to her. Fortunately, I had Deliverance and had unhooked the afk guy, so a few seconds after the Oni was gone I kobied and unhooked unlucky. We're booking it up the stairs just as Oni comes back. I go down but unlucky gets out of the shack. Fortunately, I have D E F E N S I V E S T R I K E and actually manage to lose him. But then he finds and kills unlucky, and then finds me. He downs me, and tries to give me the hatch, but I made him hook me because he warned that 4k.

  • Tokkern
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    I hit a great skill check today.

  • SnakeSound222
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    I have two that are recent (all of my others are older):

    1. As Doctor, I went up against a Tapp who proclaimed himself to be the "godliest looper in DbD". He definitely acted like he was, but he didn't lead me on any long chases and I missed maybe 3 or 4 swings at the most.
    2. I prestiged my first character, Demogorgon. This was my first prestige (I actually wanted the bloody arms) and it was on a Killer I liked to play, so I was afraid of being stuck with a build that I didn't like. However, I owned three out of the four perks in the Shrine, so I could use them for BP. I just said ######### it and bought the perks from the Shrine and prestiged Demo. I ended up getting most of my build back at level 18 and I had a slightly improved version of it at level 35. My risk had paid off and I had some badass bloody arms to show for it.
  • Talmeer
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    I got 2x bullied by the same swf group with bodyblocking.

    However, the second time I had Madgrit equipped.

    The game was already over and the gates were open.

    1 had come back to bully me (it was pre egc-times) and I was able to catch him. Then all of his friends stormed in, to the same time in the hope that they can bodyblock me and prevent their friend from being hooked.

    Then they realised that I had this time Madgrit equipped and you could see how they panic while they had instantly try to run away and move against walls, or their friends.

    End of story: Non of them had survive the match and all this, because 1 of them was so stupid to walk back in the match, after the gates were already open.

    Proudest and sweetest moment in my dbd "career" :).

    Edit: And what can survivors learn from it? Never underestimate the Legion :P.

  • luka2211
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  • Seltas0208
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    Winning entire games by Tripple trapping a really bad hex totem.

    Speicificly the ones in the open on temple of purgation and crotus pren

  • DocFabron
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