Key's Needed Changes:

Yogerman1997 Member Posts: 374

Key Changes:

  • Hatch only spawn when the doors are powered or 1 survivor left.
  • Delete Broken Key spawn chance from chest and Bloodweb.
  • After use a Dull or Skeleton key, instead of disappear, become into a Broken Key.

Offerings Rarity Changes:

  • Cypress Mori Common
  • Ivory Mori Uncommon
  • Ebony Mori Rare
  • Black Ward Ultra-Rare
  • White Ward Ultra-Rare
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  • Marcavecunc
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    I'm on the fence with that idea. While it would suck to require you to power up the doors if you have a key, I can understand how it can suck to do well on a killer game only to have the last survivor or two escape through the hatch.

    Same with Moris, getting mori'd right off the hook by a tunnely killer really sucks, but at the same time, they're part of the game and it's not like you see them every game.

  • Yogerman1997
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    Weird, because i play vs 6 consecutive ebony's and 2 Ivory's moris.

    Also, if i want i can start spamming ebony's, because i have 70.

  • Wesker
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    You asked them for the noed-mori meta, no thanks I have enough of noed already, mori are fine, git gud

  • TitoSusva
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    Well, like yogerman said, mori is a nonsense offering that can be use always because all bloodweb lvls have a ebony mori or a normal mori instead. And giving the chance to the killer to kill someone or all the lobby only by hooking them once is not fair, after the ruin rework i have seen a lot of ebony or normal moris 50% or more of the matches and sometimes 2 or 3 consecutives.

  • Yogerman1997
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    Like i said before moris and keys don't should be a free win.

    As killer is unfair 2 survivors escape by hatch when 1 gen left to power the doors, atleast, they had to finish it before use it.

    As survivor is unfair a killer can tunnel you with mori, ignore DS if you have it, and easy 3 survivor game,

    The moris should be use at the end, just to evoid unfair Decisive Strikes escapes after play fair all the match without tunnel anyone.

    Atleast i think about both sides, making the moris less rares to don't feel this change "destroy them"

    And also, making the broken keys dissapear from chest and the bloodweb, wich are a waste of time no one .likes.

  • slipttees
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    I think key need little time to open hatch 5 seg for example and Mori's need two hooks to finish survivor.

    More details

  • Yogerman1997
    Yogerman1997 Member Posts: 374

    Today i had to play a lot of matches with Keys....

    Please BHVR, Nerf them already, it's not fair have to slug a entire team just to evoid them to use the key, kill him is not even a solution, someone else will grab the key again.

    Or multiple of them because Plunderers....