Who are your top three favorite killers to face?

GrootDude Member Posts: 14,110

For me, Spirit is my absolute favorite to face. I like mind gaming her phase walk and predicting her movement.

Number two in Nurse, attempting to juke blinks is quite fun.

Number three is Huntress, I like trying to trick her into missing hatchets and attempting to loop despite it being harder.



  • MrDardon
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    Nurse on first spot if she is somewhat decent. I don't like playing against a bad Nurse who can't do anything with her blinks, but against a decent Nurse it is a fun Mind Game Game.

    Spirit on second spot, for the same reason.

    Pig on third spot. She is the most fun stealth Killer to go against, Ghostface has some issues, Wraith is ok but he is either chasing you as a normal M1 Killer or leaving you to heal and ambush you "maybe. Myers is just a M1 Killer with lower Terror Radius. But I like playing with her Ambush around pallets, it's an actual Mindgame and sometimes baiting the crouch to confuse you, baiting that she leaves but meanwhile she is approaching, gaining distance and then uncrouch to get the hit.

    So basically, I like Killers where there is a Mindgame instead of just pressing W and running circles around things.

  • Hoodied
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    Infinite tier 3 michael with Tinkerer would be the most terrifying feeling my god

  • Pulsar
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    Dark Devotion, PWYF, Nemesis, M&A with Infinite Tier 3 on Lery's.

    Super speedy, no TR instant down Myers.

  • Blueberry
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    Huntress, Spirit and Nurse.

    It actually requires me to play differently than the other 90% of the killer roster which is just looping the pallet over and over.

  • Pulsar
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    *Myers gets hit with a pallet*

    Myers running PWYF and Nemesis:

  • deadbyhitbox
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    A good Billy, because of his curves. They're extremely fun to try to outplay.

    Oni, because his power really requires you to do well in a chase and you have to plan ahead to have a chance.

    And last is Demo. Fantastic power design that is super interactive for both sides.

  • Tactless_Ninja
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    Nurse. Ranges from terrible to Oh crap. Dodging her using terrain feels much more exciting then looping normal killers.

    Doctor is similar to Nurse in he can either be a puppy or terrifying to play against. Very engaging in how he can force you to adapt on the fly.

    And Huntress. A good Huntress will keep you on your toes exploiting the uncertainty of the range of her Lullaby in conjunction with her Terror Radius. Also awareness of your surroundings.

  • Sherry
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    My favorites would be Demogorgon, Ghostface and Trapper.

    Others that I don't mind are Michael, clown, wraith, hillbilly, spirit, nurse and pig.

    I absolutely hate: Oni, Plague, Hag, Leatherface, Legion, and Freddy.

    Huntress and Doctor are kind of in the middle for me.

  • Reborn2020
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    1 - HillBilly,

    2 - Nurse

    3 - Huntress

  • ALostPuppy
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    Well now it's Demo, Huntress (or it will be next patch because I heard her hatchets are getting a change) and Pig in that order. Myers used to be in my top 3 but he's way too buggy for me to even consider him a killer at this point and it doesn't seem like the devs are planning to fix him anytime soon.

  • Clockso
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    1. Demogorgon
    2. Demodoggo
    3. DemoPls

    did i mention demogorgon btw?

  • Peanits
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    • Huntress

    Maybe it's just because I play a ton of Huntress, but I love playing against a good Huntress and getting in their head, thinking about when they're going to pull out a hatchet and when they're going to go for an M1.

    • Doctor

    I'm one of those crazy people. I like to try to outsmart them and break away from a loop when they aren't expecting it, or dodge a shock and change my plan on the fly.

    • Myers

    He's simple, but fun. The way he plays changes as the game goes on, and EW3 really makes you second guess whether or not you want to go in for the save yet.

    I'd also throw out an honorable mention for Hillbilly, Pig, and Legion. They can make for some fun matches, depending on how they're played.

  • NuclearBurrito
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    Spirit - Love the mindgame style of play rather than just running in circles

    Oni - Matches are always super tense once he gets his power. Love the atmosphere he creates.

    Ghostface - Having to worry about being jumped at any moment keeps me engaged while M1ing on gens.

  • Dreamnomad
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    Shape, Demo, Legion are my favorite to go against. Doctor is without question the killer I don't want to play against the most.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
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    Michael Myers - The one legit creepy killer in the game. Its always a fun match with the boogeyman. He's got a lot of versatility with builds that I am never sure what kind of Myers I am facing.

    Clown - I love the challenge he brings cutting off loops and chases. His laugh is awesome.

    Huntress - Similar to the Clown a good Huntress puts my juking ability to the test with those hatchets.

  • animalmak
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    I have a love/hate relationship with going against Myers. It truly makes for a terrifying game experience that I love, but also NOTHING is funnier than going against hospital gown Myers, and that contrast is just so great.

    Also love going against Ghostface and hoping he has a mori tbh.

    Third is probably a toss-up between Oni and Demo.

  • Demogordon_Ramsay
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    By far my favorite is Oni. He’s the only Killer in the game that’s actually scary. Imagine just sitting on a gen, minding your own business, and then you hear a roar out of nowhere, turn to your left, and see a samurai ogre bearing down on you at Mach 10 with a giant death stick out.

    While also on fire.

    Number 2 is Demogorgon. I love his music and his Shred always gets me on edge, whether he may go M1 or turn into Sonic the Huntress.

    Number 3 is Nurse, but it’s iffy. Because Nurse is so much harder now, good Nurses are intense as hell to face, but great Nurses break the game harder than old Legion. It’s a 50/50.

  • arslaN
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    Huntress, Hillbilly and Nurse

    @ALostPuppy Where did you hear about the hatchet changes?

  • edgarpoop
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    Nurse, Billy/Oni, Huntress. Killers that require skill, not just map knowledge, to evade.

  • Todgeweiht
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    Demogorgon is my favorite killer overall, both as killer and survivor.

    Second would probably be nurse, although, you rarely see them nowadays

  • PrettyFaceKate
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    In no particolar order: Billy, Demo and Oni.

    Mikey and Trapper are also fun.

  • Nyctophilia
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    1. Oni
    2. Ghostface
    3. Doctor
  • Freudentrauma
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    1. Hillbilly - A good billy can pressure you quite hard and disturb your loops.
    2. Anna - Dodging hatchets and predicting her moves, is quite challening
    3. Nurse - Sadly she is barely played right now, because of her bugs and bad game feel, but I still really love to face a good Nurse.

  • Kycer
    Kycer Member Posts: 337

    1- Hillbilly

    2- The Demogorgon

    3- The Oni

  • HellDescent
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    Nurse, myers, oni

  • fcc2014
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    A Good Nurse

    A Good Billy

    GHERBEARRULES Member Posts: 265
    1. Nurse (even if she is good)
    2. Pig
    3. Oni
  • Hannon
    Hannon Member Posts: 221

    1- Plague

    2- Oni


  • ZFennecFox
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    Bubba, Billy, and Huntress.

  • FilledPizza
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    Demogorgon - The chase music is good

    Myers - Makes the game a little bit scary, especially if it's scratched mirror Myers on Lery's, Hawkins or The Game.

    Oni - Juking demon dash's is fun

  • Warlock_2020
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    I have to agree with Trapper. I main him and every time I step in a trap I think....how'd I not see that coming?! WP sir!

    Piggy if they are not tunneling. Keeps me on edge.


  • Sluzzy
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    Myers without a doubt. His terror music is reminiscent of the Halloween movies, I just love it. Well done DLC. Unfortunately though, you can't play as him because half the time you can't stalk because of dedicated servers. Thanks BHVR! :/


    xBEATDOWNSx Member Posts: 636

    1. Billie. A good Billie player can keep a match super varied and interesting

    2. Demo. Demo is adorable and very fun to go against.

    3. Wraith. Spooky boy is always a coin toss. They're either VERY good or VERY VERY VERY bad.

  • MiniPixels
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  • kazakun
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    Any of the ones that can't one shot you. Literally. I really like Ghost Face because he looks silly when you see him...but yeah...I just don't like any of the killers that can instantly down you...Billy...Leatherface...Myers...etc,etc. The Plague is pretty neat,and I do enjoy Hag for the jump scare factor. Freddy used to be cool. He's still pretty interesting in a way.

  • Mr_Happy_Hour
    Mr_Happy_Hour Member Posts: 21

    1. Wraith. Nothing is more terrifying and heartpounding than the bing bong of the bell right next to you, ESPECIALLY if that bell is silenced.

    2. Doctor. I find it so fun and challenging to go against a killer than is normally so anti-stealth.

    3. Huntress. The unique challenge of avoiding those ranged attacks, especially if one goes right past your head from across the map from a good killer player.

  • ClmA
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    1. Legion - I don't often go against a Legion, but when I play killer I main Legion and generally have a good time. The last game I played against a Legion was on Haddonfield and it was very fun. I think the feral frenzy is good when the player knows how best to use it. It would be nice to see more Legions around.

    2. Demogorgon - aside from the fact that I love Stranger Things, I think the Demogorgon is a great killer. I love going around the map and destroying portals and trying to dodge his lunge attack in a chase. Always have fun games with the Demogorgon.

    3. Doctor - this surprises even me, but I think a part of it has to do with the fact that I run Calm Spirit and rather enjoy not being noticed by the Doctor's shocks, especially if I've managed to lose him in a jungle jim. The games are generally more intense, and slightly longer but often I can run most of the match without being seen by him due to the perk, which is incredibly useful if my teammates are being revealed.

  • wichael_wyers
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    Billy. Feels fair a lot of times. Really fun. Brings a smile to my soul.

    Oni/Plague. Can't really decide between them. Maybe Oni more, because he's a cool character and also fun to predict. Plague is fun if she gets her Corrupt Purge. Kinda like a Huntress, but with a lil sass and "AROO."

    Huntress. I don't know, she's just so fun to juke. Even if I'm a 4head and mess up or I get dedicated, I applaud their big brained plays.

  • scarslookgood
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    • Hillbilly (it's so fun to get chased by one, even though I go down like a sack of potato every time)
    • Huntress (also fun chases, trying to dodge hatchets, and i'm always in awe of a great throw)
    • Plague (because I'm a 45 year old child, let's be honest, so the vomiting makes me laugh)

    Doc is also right up there, probably tied with Plague.

  • ALostPuppy
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    I don't even know if I did I just swear I've seen a couple of comments on here and on several servers that said Huntress hatchets are being looked at (maybe I was just gathering false hope up or something lol)

  • baron
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    They all encourage more stealth, awareness, and a different play style that is actually fun.

  • UkilledLegion
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    Legion because survivors cant loop him long

    Ghostface because he can make 1 hit and he can go without terror

    Fred because mister dangerous glove can fly between gens and he has dream pallets

  • Spectre13
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    Trapper. Love to find and snap his little darkened traps

    Ghostface cause I love the tbag wars if he is toxic.

    Hag, I love crouching past her traps and the occasional jump scare if I trip one in a place I didn't see or expect one.

  • MrsGhostface
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    1. Ghost Face
    2. Ghost Face
    3. Ghost Face
  • kylerabdcgamer10
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    3. THE ONI

    i picked them based on the chase music, experience playing against them

  • ddubuckyee_user
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