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Leather-face Total Rework Idea

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My suggested Leather face Rework:





Inspirations: Ghost-face, The Shape, and Leather face with how he is presented in the original 1970’s movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Ability: Chainsaw Frenzy

Cool down and charge: Instead of a charged ability like hillbilly, leather face would now have a cooldown ability. This ability would be charged by hitting survivors with a normal attack. Once 4 successful hits have been achieved his ability can be used. Upon use (when time runs out) the abilities’s charge is reset.

Using the ability: When fully charged, Leatherface’s red stain disappears but his terror radius is still present at a reduced range of 16 meters instead of his usual 32.

Upon activation, Leather face regains his red stain. It takes 1.5 seconds to transform into chainsaw frenzy mode, in which he thrusts his chainsaw into the air repeatedly (see image 1a). After this action is done he holds his chainsaw above his head moving at a 15% increase in movement speed when in Frenzy mode and this is also when a 60 second timer starts on his ability.

 When switching to Chainsaw mode (this action takes half a second) his movement speed is reduced to 10% and suffers from a passive survivor struggle effect (the effect is only present during the swinging action and becomes worse the longer and more often you use it in the current abilities’s usage, which is reset after the ability runs out). During the chainsaw mode he swings wildly and can down multiple people (this part of the ability is pretty much the same as before except hitting an object does not create a stun, the stun is applied if no survivor is downed during chainsaw frenzy, in which he swings wildly in place downing anyone in front of him. For the struggle effects in starts at iron grasp for the first 1-3 seconds, normal struggle at 4-9 seconds, and caps at a boil over like struggle effect at 10+ seconds.


Perk 1: Massacre

After hooking a survivor, for the next 30 seconds, gain a non stackable ability cool down reduction of 15/25/30% and a ability slowdown reduction of 3/6/8%.

Perk 2: Knockout (changed)

When a survivor is put into the downed state they suffer from blurred vision (like clown) and the survivor’s grunts of pain are reduced by 100/75/50% for the killer. Also, for the next 30 seconds, their aura does not naturally appear without the assistance of aura reading add-ons, abilities, or items while downed.

Perk 3: BBQ & Chilli (No Change)



Cattle-gun — just the sight of it hardens your resolve; ability charge hits reduced to by 1 (does not stack)

Spare hook - after a survivor is sacrificed on the hook it will respawn within the next 60 seconds (once only).

Old chili - slightly decreases struggle effects during chainsaw frenzy

Basement offerings — hooking a survivor in the basement slightly increases hook ritual speed

Sawyer family photo — a memento of your purpose, you kill for your family’s sake; moderately increases chainsaw frenzy and the time it takes to activate the ability.


Shiny spare hook - after a survivor sacrificed on the hook it will respawn within the next 30 seconds (once only).

Chili - moderately decreases struggle effects during chainsaw frenzy

Ritualistic Basement — hooking a survivor in the basement moderately increases hook ritual speed and slightly increases time to unhook.


Brand new hook - after a survivor is sacrificed on the hook it will respawn as soon as the sacrifice ritual ends (once only).

Machinist’s hammer— The sight of it empowers you; ability charge hits reduced by 2 (does not stack)

Basement Shrine — hooking a survivor in the basement considerably increases hook ritual speed and moderately increases time to unhook.

Fresh chili - considerably decreases struggle effects during chainsaw frenzy


Sledgehammer — The good ole way; ability charge hits reduced by 3 (does not stack)

leg injury — your memories of failure make you use your chainsaw only as a last resort; lose the ability to use your chainsaw until the exit gates are powered. Once this happens you go into an unlimited chainsaw frenzy and struggle effects while using chainsaw frenzy are reduced by 50%. Picking up a survivor disables the ability for the remainder of the trial.

Award-winning chili — No struggle effects during chainsaw frenzy but the time is reduced to 30

Grandpa Sawyer — Saving a kill for Grandpa, you try to keep one alive; lose the ability to enter chainsaw frenzy but when your ability is fully charged you gain the undetectable status effect and you lose the ability to lunge. During this time your attack puts any survivor into the dying state. Any offensive action will reset your ability until fully charged again. Ability charge takes 8 hits instead of the base 4, works with other charge reducing addons.



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